October 2019 Character Hero Nominees

Our Students...

Eamonn Jones is recognized for Responsibility. Eamonn is a Kindergarten bus buddy. Every day he meets his kindergarten buddy, walks them to the bus, and hangs out with them until the bus comes. He is a great example of responsibility!

Brianne Franks is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Perseverance, Empathy, Gratitude, Creativity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Honesty and Selflessness. "I have watched Bri be an exceptional human being since she was in the 9th grade. She is now a senior and she demonstrates strong leadership skills in the way she interacts with her fellow students. She is respectful, kind and empathetic toward all she comes in contact with. OHS is a better place because of the fine young person that she is."

The OHS volleyball team is being recognized for humility, selflessness and respect. If you've ever been to a volleyball game, you see that the way they play models teamwork, encouragement, and support. They also support breast cancer awareness in our community. It’s the kind of leadership and caring we want to see in all areas of our schools.

Our Staff and Community...

Judy Brenneka is recognized for Commitment, Kindness and Empathy. Judy goes above and beyond for our students, including when a new student asked if she would come and "watch his lacrosse game" and it was really an open gym practice, she took the time to go and cheer him on!

Jacki Backus is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Patience, Cooperation, Responsibility and Honesty. "For the past two years, Jacki Backus has been the Daffodil Coordinator at Orting High School. She is instrumental in promoting those who strive to become a Daffodil Queen/Princess. Some of the work involves helping them write their speeches, giving them feedback on their dress, and holding meetings to answer any questions they might have. Way to go, Jacki!"

Kim Wagner is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, Creativity, Cooperation and Selflessness. Kim Wagner has incredible heart! She IS the "Sunshine Committee" at Orting High School...and beyond! Her rays of kindness and selflessness abounds as each month she celebrate birthdays, coordinates potlucks with a coordinated celebration (such as "Luck of the Irish" for March). During the summer she brought her sunshine to the Central Office, spending her own time and money to bring us delectable treats topped with vivid colorful decorations which had an incredibly bright ripple effect throughout the building! She is truly a selfless, kind, gem and is definitely worthy of a Character Hero!

Tara Long is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Cooperation, Responsibility and Selflessness. While part of Tara's communication role, she stepped up to make an in-house video for emergency substitute training with very little notice. It aligned with a request by past emergency substitutes who said it would be wonderful if they could hear from teachers as to what they want in a substitute. Tara's dedication made this happen and the brief video was a success during this week's e-sub training! Bravo!

Holly Mortenson is recognized for Kindness and Selflessness. As a random act of kindness, Holly knows how much I enjoy drinking water throughout the day. She knew my schedule was tight and she filled my glass with ice water and delivered it to me while in a meeting. It made my day!!

Steve Rabb is recognized for Kindness and Selflessness. There are those people that think of others and Steve Rabb is one of them. It's the small things in life that matter so much and can make a person's day. Steve was dishing up some chili in the staff lounge and could tell I wanted some. He not only gave me that bowl and dished another up for himself but when we were done enjoying the chili Jill had made, he picked up my paper bowl and offered to throw it in the trash. It was truly an act of kindness and so appreciated!

Larry Barber is recognized for Commitment, Courage and Responsibility. Larry Barber in Grounds was working in the OHS parking lot blowing/removing leaves. I drove past him in my personal vehicle to access the open chain gate to drive to the lower field to look at a completed Facilities project. Although I'm a district employee, he didn't recognize my vehicle and immediately hopped into his work truck and drove behind OHS to ensure the safety of staff and students. I appreciate that, because he didn't see who it was, he was so committed to ensuring no one who wasn't supposed to be on the premises was there. That's commitment! Way to go Larry!

Jeff Salzer at PTR is recognized for Kindness, Respect, Patience, Humility, Courage, Perseverance, Creativity, Responsibility, Honesty and Selflessness. During the summer of 2019 Jeff did his work and he volunteered to strip and wax my PTR Portables (bathroom floors) which made my bathroom floors look new again and the bathrooms smell better. I actually look forward to clean the bathrooms now. Thank you Jeff. Your amazingly awesome!

Traci Pryde is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Creativity and Selflessness. Traci goes above and beyond to make our school a place where all students want to be. On Fridays, Traci attends lunches and plays a game of 'Uno' with students. Traci also routinely opens up her classroom during lunches for students who may want a quieter environment. Traci has started the Pokemon Go! and Ukulele Clubs at our school. All in all, Traci is making a powerful impact on the OMS community. As a colleague of mine recently said to me "Ms. Pryde is literally changing lives." We are so lucky to have her!

Erin Sluka is recognized for Commitment, Kindness, Respect, Patience, Creativity, Responsibility and Honesty. I have been watching our lunchroom change into a warm and caring environment thanks to Erin. She has decorated the space with all kinds of positive wall hangings. She also pays attention to any and all events that are happening in our school and displays supporting words for each event that is happening. I've also been witness to her kindness to our students. She is truly a gem in our school and deserves recognition!

Officer Boone is being recognized for Responsibility and Commitment for his swift and skillful response in resuscitating a student. He’s a hero in every sense of the word!