Qualities of a Leader By Molly Monzeglio, Erin Cabana, and Mallory Malz

To be selfless is to put others before yourself, even those you may not know

It shows how you care about their life, and how far you're willing to go

You listen to others, and each idea and every thought

For each battle you face, it's one you have greatly fought

They're concerned about others needs instead of their own

A leader who’s selfless can feel their kindness through each and every bone


The Law of Club and Fang, brings out the sweet and the sour

Curly the victim, and her face, the other dog seemed to devour

Her death shows that any dog that can't stand up for himself is going to die

The slithering sense of pain and a small yelp, is their only good-bye

There is no “fair play” as Buck now sees

For every wrong move you make, with sting you like a swarm full of bees

A leader must be strong, and fight against each challenge they face

Because in the Law of Club and Fang, it seems to be their only case


Next comes trustworthy, a quality too important to forget

How can you be a leader if you lie and make others fret

A leader is someone who is honest, or someone who is reliable

You can always depend on them, for they will always be truthful

Spitz leads the dogs, who all pull on the sled

But he doesn't have qualities of a leader, so don't be mislead

He his cruel and vicious, and doesn't care what others think

For his days as a dog, makes every other dog’s heart sink


Infinite is a way to describe a leader’s loyalty

That stays present, although others may not see

They stay by your side through thick and thin

And they keep pushing forward, even if troubles begin

They will never leave your side

Till the day they've died

And a brother bonded loyalty like Billy and Joe

Is one you just cannot let go


A leader leads the way to greatness for you

He or she is driven to accomplish what they set out to do

By power, by force, by want, they go after what they need

They have the mindset and are very determined to succeed

It's not always about the win

But more importantly the confidence within

Buck may not be the strongest but shows the most discipline

He would make an excellent leader

For his qualities show a motivated succeder


Although he may be loud

His actions make everyone proud

He communicates directions and warnings

He also reports dangerous things

We are always able to hear what he will say

His valuable voice leads the way

His outgoing personality is key

It makes everyone do their job comfortably


London, Jack. Call of the Wild. New York, Pocket Books, 1963.

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