Family A rasian in the sun

A central theme in the "A Raisin in the Sun" is family. Although the Youngers don't have a lot, they have each other, and that is what is important. As seen in mama's actions when she uses her money to buy a house for the benefit of the whole family .

The house mama bought

I connect with this very much because my family is very important to me. Growing up we hit hard times, but we had each other so that's all that mattered.

Graduation present from our lovely neighbors!

Mama loved her family so much that she made many sacrifices for them, such as buying them a house instead of say, taking a personal vacation. She also is puttting Benny through medical school, which is expensive. She is housing her children, daughter-in-law, and grandchild in her own, small apartment.

Ruth is working nonstop in order to help provide a great life Travis. She even seeks out an abortion so she can continue to provide for Travis.

My mom made many sacrifices for our family, such as working long hours to meet ends and sharing her Diet Coke with my sisters and I. She held my family together during hard times.

Benny is going to college so she can get a great job to support the family. I want to have a stable job so I can help my mom retire, because like mama, she will work until an old age because of finances.

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