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The Journey Logs were a plus this semester. While they may appear to be just busy work, they actually serve a purpose. That purpose is to reflect on the work I've done. I didn't realize that until about halfway through. There were four main important Habits of Mind that I centered around:

  1. Persistance
  2. Responsibility
  3. Engagement
  4. Openness

I feel that I persisted with my writing subjects as well as what I discussed. I was able to keep up with the topic. I go into more detail on that with Journey Log 3:

I was responsible for most of the people doing the Technical Manual as well as my own work. I

I engaged in the conversations in class. This was partially due to me being among the few who knew about certain topics (mostly gaming related things).

My biggest Habit of Mind that I feel I relate to is openness. While I can honestly say that I have a strong dislike of writing and the sort, I kept an open mind to this. I did what I needed to and honestly learned quite a few things in regards to writing.

These Habits of Mind will help me engage and work with others well, as well as help me to keep myself afloat. Now that I understand what I can by defining with these habits, I can only align myself more and more with them.

In my first few Journey Logs, I slacked off as far as the specialization. You can see this here:

But, over time, I began to engage more as well as follow the specialization. I started to discuss the material is if I wanted too, not because I had to for a grade. I would like to believe that I showed a more determined attitude throughout most of my Journey Logs. However. I was bitter and cynical when discussing the other group members not contributing when I started off as a Guild Leader during the final raids.

I have quite a large background in Minecraft. So as far as the game goes, I feel about the same in Minecraft. If anything I feel that my building skills have declined. I know that I can build and because of that I didn't build very much. For instance, a mechanic's car is typically in bad shape. He works all day at a shop and the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is fix his car. I can relate to that with Minecraft.

I feel my writing level is about the same as when I came into the course. I haven't improved in my sentence by sentence writing in years. While I may be getting more creative as far as terminology and analogies go, I still write fairly poorly. However, my research skills have greatly improved. I now know how to get what sources and documents that relate. When I took English 1030 last semester, I didn't accomplish this.

Overall, this course has helped me out as far as communication goes. I have learned how to back up what I say as well as tie in what everyone else says.


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