Monkeys by nishka

There are over 264 species of known monkeys. Groups of monkeys are called either tribe, troop or mission.

Think of an other group of animals with the same name.

They eat a variety of food including fruit, insects, flowers leaves and reptiles.

Monkeys steal food for a living, here's a video of them doing that very thing.

See they are not as cute as you think, they can cause major damage to famers and people who are only trying to do there job.

Baby monkeys weigh from 120g to 140g however adults can weigh up to 35kg.

All monkeys have emotions like us, but you rarely see it. THEY HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER AS WELL!

It is not just humans who are breastfeed monkeys to it also.



Created with images by Unsplash - "monkeys nature animals" • A.Davey - "Gelada Baboons, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia" • KoalaParkLaundromat - "peanuts nuts monkey nuts" • Dick Culbert - "Posoqueria latifolia, the Monkey Apple." • Sevda - "mother baby nature" • Kantasimo - "dumbbell sport weights" • Quad Dimensional Pictures - "Monkeying Around at Snow Monkey Park" • Dave_B_ - "that must hurt" • Pixel-mixer - "barbary ape baby monkey mountain" • - "Pink funfetti cupcakes on a gold serving dish next to Wedding dress and tuxedo decorated dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries on a white ceramic tray and a vase of flowers" • Pexels - "candy colorful dessert" • Ruth and Dave - "Hardboiled wonderland" • la-fontaine - "cake fruit gummy" • jill111 - "valentine candy hearts conversation"

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