What Makes a Drum Kit?

1. Snare Drum

The snare drum is constructed of two heads which are both usually made of plastic (formerly made of an animal skin), along with a rattle of metal wires on the bottom head called the snares. The wires can also be placed on the top, which is called the tarol snare, or both heads, which is called the Highland snare drum.

2. Hi-Hat

A hi-hat is a combination of two cymbals and a foot-operated pedal which moves a rod which in turn moves one of the cymbals, all mounted on a metal stand.

3. Bass Drum

A bass drum operates much the same as the hi-hat. A footplate is pressed to pull a chain, belt, or metal drive mechanism downward, bringing a beater or mallet forward into the drumhead. The beater head is usually made of either felt, wood, plastic, or rubber and is attached to a rod-shaped metal shaft.

4. Tom-Toms

A standard drum kit will consist of three toms, the high tom, low tom, and floor tom, while some only have the high and floor toms. Typically, a tom consists of a shell, chromed or plated metal hardware and head.

5. Cymbals

A standard kit will usually consist of three cymbals, the crash cymbal, ride cymbal, and splash cymbal, while some only consist of the ride and crash cymbals. Different thicknesses are used for different kinds of music, and the alloy for each manufacturer's models varies.


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