Galapagos AdVenture 2016

Arriving to our amazing boat, My Passion, after a couple days of travel to the islands.
Our first hike was a late afternoon walk on Seymour Island, just north of Baltra, where we saw Blue-footed Boobies feeding their offspring, Frigates mating, iguanas resting, sea lions playing and waves crashing against the rocky coast.
Our excursion the next day was to Bartholomew where we climbed up the wooden steps to reach the summit with a panoramic view of the islands and Pinnacle Rock.
After our strenuous hike to the Summit, we cooled off with a snorkel alongside Pinnacle Rock. There we saw sea turtles, penguins, sea lions, wingtip shark and a wide variety of fish and other sea life.
After our morning snorkel and a gourmet lunch on the boat, we took the Zodiak over Sullivan Bay to Santiago Island and hiked over the lava fields.
On Tuesday, Bridget's Birthday, we started our day off with a sea kayak at dawn off the island of Rabida followed by a morning hike.
On the hike, we saw lots of tall cacti as well as hallo santo trees along with a Galapagos Hawk.
After lunch, we traveled to the northwest side of the island of Santa Cruz to Cerro Dragon where we saw more iguanas, birds and a goat.
That evening, we docked in the harbor of Puerto Ayora on the other side of Santa Cruz. The next morning, we set out to the hills to visit with the giant tortoises.
That afternoon, some of the group went scuba diving off the island of Plaza Sur while the rest of us spent time at the Charles Darwin Center in Puerto Ayora.
We continued eastward the next day to one of the oldest docks of the archipelago, Plaza Sur, where we saw vibrant colors, stunning cliffs and lots of land iguanas.
In the afternoon, we visited a white beach on the island of Santa Fe, where there were lots of adult and baby sea lions lounging around as well as land iguana. We also saw the prickly pear cacti.
Our last full day of visiting the islands, we visited Punta Suarez and Espanola, the oldest island and most spectacular in the archipelago. We saw Blue-footed and Nazca Boobies, Waved Albatross as well as green and red-colored "Christmas" marine iguanas.
Our last day on the islands, we returned to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and took a bus over the highlands to Baltra. On the way, we stopped one last time to view the volcanic craters and lava flows.
We arrived in Quito that evening in time to celebrate New Year's Eve at the Casa Gangotena in the city center. We also enjoyed a nice day exploring the city on New Year's Day.
What an amazing trip this was! Thank you, Jim and Molly, for pulling together such a spectacular and memorable experience! It was so special to spend this time and enjoy this experience with you and all of our families.
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Bridget Perry

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