Intro to UX Design Learning Journal M. McLeod 2019

Week One | Wireframe Design for a Companion App

I am very excited for this course because I currently manage the content on a WordPress site but not the backend development. This will help me in my interactions with our web developers and my content. One of the areas which I am most concerned about is making sure the content is accessible to all users. Like mentioned in some of the tutorial videos, it's easy to develop a bias and assume that navigation is "obvious". I am hoping that creating a wireframe will be a good exercise in getting out of my own head.

First Assignment: For my summer festival, I decided to create a one day/one night event called Campfire Stories. It's a one day, overnight camp including activities like crafts, kayaking, campfires, and stargazing. This is my first time using XD. I was surprised by how intuitive it seemed to be. I am not sure if my wireframe contains enough or too much content. I'm still uncertain as to how much content and design should go into the initial wireframe.

I am interested in the Week Two competition so I tried to build my wireframe based on that criteria. You can view my wireframe here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/6b88101c-bed7-4bde-5d2a-692a3d8a7541-1db9/

Week Two | Working Prototype of Your Mobile App Design

Second Assignment: I found XD very easy to use in terms of button/page functionality. I found it difficult to create my design elements in XD. Due to time constraints, all of my icons and images are from Pixabay. I was able to create stars in XD by creating several lines and curving them.

The functional parts of my project include: the welcome screen, the menu, the "Buy Tickets" button, the three days of activities pages, the menu button on the top left corner, back buttons on the bottom left, the "Craft or Archery Competition", "Kayaking or Ropes Course", and "BBQ and Happy Hour".

I had my co-worker and my husband test my prototype and I ultimately made changes based on their feedback. I was careful not to provide information about the intended function but rather asking them, "How do you think it should function?".

You can view my prototype here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/46c91b5a-ac36-4600-7986-76b8871f097d-30f8/

There are still more edits which I would like to make e.g. the "X" in the background image of my directions page seems like a "close" option. I can't wait to keep working with XD!


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