Revolution in technology By. Maddy starwalt

Past: The Industrial Revolution


Population Exploded: many people became healthier due to advancements in medincine, and healthy babies. Manly there was just a lesser death rate.

Do to the population growth, there was a a high demand for goods and products. Things became cheaper and more affordable, factories started to pop up everywhere.

Britain had become ahead of the game. They became extremely wealthy because of exploration and trade. They had a lot of wealth to invest in, For Technology, inventions etc.


Farm Technology:

  • Dikes; pushing back the sea so that there would be more space to plant crops.
  • Seed drills; would poke holes in the soil and lay out the seeds without scattering them everywhere.
  • Water frame and the spinning Jenny; allowed it to be easier to spin textile and give energy to the machines


At this time they had first invented the steam engine, which powered steam boats and trains. They had made man made canals to make it easier to get around, instead of taking train routes. Iron made it much easier for new and improved steam engines, plus a lot cheaper.

Coal was behind the process of all these inventions, it allowed them to actual run and work.

Positive impacts

There was many technologic advancements. Along with everything being a little more affordable so people were able to afford food and move to the city. Along with new ways of travel made it so much easier to get products from place to place.

NeGatiVe impacts

Families were forced out of their homes on the farm and move to the city. Were it was polluted, poor sanitation and disease lived in homes.

Children had to work in the factories. Coal would fill there lungs, and the pay was not enough for this labor, but the people were desperate.

“Two children I know got employment in a factory when they were five years old.....the spinning men or women employ children if they can get a child to do their business….the child is paid one shilling or one shilling and six pence, and they will take that (five year old) child before they take an older one who will cost more.” George Gould, a Manchester merchant, written in 1816.

The Present: The Digital Revolution


From 1970s- now
  • It's the creation of computers, records, phones etc.
  • The transfer from mechanical to digital electronics
  • People needed an officiant way off doing things instead of relying on something that isn't reliable.


Social media

A Key advancement; everybody's life is on it. An average person spends 1 hour and 40 min a day just browsing on it.


The largest phone company beating samsung, google and Microsoft.

Creation of the digital computer, allowed it to be easier for people to get work done. What used to take them hours they could do in a matter of minutes.

Positive impacts

It's an officiant way of communication. Making it a lot easier then having to write a letter and get there weeks later.

Keep you organized, with alarms and emails that let you know when and where you need to be.

It keeps you updated on what going on in the world. Like a local robbery or a war that's going on, on the other side of the world.

Negative Impacts

One of the major negatives about the internet is cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is poised to turn into the biggest online concern,already affecting up to 35% of all children. -Dr. Martyn Wild

Cyberbullying is just as real as in person bullying. Many people have taken their lives due to it. So think about what you say or do online.

People also hack, and steal the identity of others. Many people consume themselves on it, the phone becomes their whole life.

Future: Teleportation


Self driving cars

The tesla is already a self driving car. They will only progress with time.

Bullet Train

Fastest transportation of 2016 with 375 mph

These are all contributing to the future transportation of flying cars, lightning fast speeds, etc.

Nobody's positive when these future inventions will occur but when they do they will bring major changes.

Technological Advancements


Will transport you one place to another in a mater of seconds.

Flying Cars

Not as much traffic, there'd be more room on the ground

Space Travel/ light speed

Exploration of other planets using the speed of light for travel can increase so many scientific discoveries.
Science has not yet mastered prophecy. We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next ten. -Neil Armstrong

Saying that we need to predict for every thing and be ready for anything.

Negative impacts

Nobody knows when time travel, space travel, and or portals will happen and it'll take years to perfect.

Everyday needs would be gone, like books. Everyone would get lazy too. They'd just rely on everything else instead of doing it themselves

Positive Impacts

Major scientific discoveries would happen. Life would just get so much easier than it already is.

People's health would be great. Over times people's health and death age has changed it will just get better as time goes by.

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