Canbury School Newsletter 17th January 2020. issue 181

Dear Parents and Visitors

On behalf of the Governors of Canbury School I was truly thrilled to be able to send each and every one of you a copy of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection of the School which was carried out on 3-5 December 2019. As we always say here at Canbury, each student is so much more than the sum of their academic achievements. I was overjoyed to see the inspectors had recognised that almost all students exceed their expectations and the targets established upon entry to the school. But I was equally cheered to see that the quality of students' personal development was judged as excellent, the highest descriptor that can be given.

This inspection, Canbury's best to date, is sheer testament to the hard work of my senior leadership team, ALL staff, and indeed the commitment of our students, and you, their parents and carers, to sign up to the Canbury way of doing things when you join our family. If you're still not sure what the Canbury way is, see the photograph at the top of the Newsletter.

If anyone has somehow missed the inspection report, please contact Reception who will be delighted to send one on. Happy days!

There was a great turn out to last night's Options evening for Year 9. My thanks to staff who having already put in a long day remained at school until 8pm chatting to parents and students about the plethora of choices re GCSEs and other options. May I remind you that the options form must be returned by Monday 3rd February at the latest. Thank you.

Finding out what's on offer - staff, students and parents got to grips with Year 9 options last night.

You will by now have received an invitation to register your interest in attending a Canbury School ball for parents and students in March. Mrs Mascari and Ms Dar are keen to organise something fun and exciting as a way of bringing together Canbury families away from the school environment. In true Canbury style their promises for the event sound fun, with talk of a photo booth, a disco, glitter make-up stall, tuxedos and ball dresses, a raffle, a "stars in their eyes" event and much more. Tickets for what promises to be a fabulous evening will be £50, to include a three course meal and welcome drink. A google form was sent home this week and we ask that all responses of interest are returned by next Friday 24th January. We'll keep you posted! 

I'm delighted to share with you the news that Mathematics teacher Miss Boyle is offering Mathematics statistics for a small selected group of students. As our recent inspection found: "Students exhibit excellent attitudes to learning and persevere in pursuit of success responding to the high expectations of staff". Here is a clear example of that happening. Go Canbury.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 10

Mr Natt’s English group for their mature and purposeful approach to lessons - a total delight.

Out of breath? Not a chance!

In an attempt to burn off some of the chocolate and mince pies consumed over the festive period, students started their fitness unit of work in PE this week. We looked at heart rate and how it reacts to different forms of exercise and finished with students completing a 12 minute Cooper Run. The Cooper Run is a challenging fitness test and I was mightily impressed with the attitude all students showed while completing it. Congratulations to Year 10 who ended up with the highest average score of any year group, with 1, 728m. Stand out individual scores were recorded by the following:

Lauren R (2,200m)

Evie (2,150m) and Lucas A (2,150m)

Rhian - (2,000m)

Connor, Anders, Harry A and Seb - (1,900m)

Freddie - (1,800m)

Thomas - (1,750m)

Chloe - (1,600m)


Get ready to help save the koalas and shine in your animal mufti.

Hi everyone

This is just a little note to tell you about our planned charity event next Friday 24th January 2020. As I am sure many of you are aware, there are currently extremely unnatural and severe bushfires raging in Australia. Due to this Otti, Zac (charity team), Emily and her Eco team, as well as (a very enthusiastic) Mr Sutton have decided to hold a charity event to raise funds for such an important cause. The money will go to the ‘Help the Koala’ fund which is part of the World Wildlife Fund (our 2nd school charity), a very important cause which is helping so many koalas across Australia who have been either displaced or severely injured due to the wildfires. So, next Friday, we would like you to wear animal themed mufti (bringing in £2). Please try and be a bit creative with this if you don’t have, say, an animal onesie - for example a t-shirt that has a logo with an animal on it. If you do not wear animal themed mufti then you will be charged an extra £1 on the day! There will also be animal themed face painting available - courtesy of Ms Dar and Mrs Mascari - for an additional £1. An email reminder will be sent the night before to remind you. Thank you very much for your continued support. We hope to see you all looking amazing in your mufti next week.

Thank you again,

Otti, Zac, Emily, Eco Team, Mr Sutton and Mrs Rich

The year 8 artists have been super busy these past few weeks working on their Keith Haring self portrait inspired sculptures. Here they are today under the ever watchful eyes of Mrs Knivett and Miss Dar. Well done all, they are looking super. Watch this space for the completed sculptures (it may take a few more weeks!). Here you can see Carl at the top, Connor below, and then left to right: Kyrell, Anders and Flora. Lots of concentration going on here.

Escape room info

We will be bringing the escape room experience to Canbury school on Tuesday 28th January. There will be three rooms to participate in, all with different themes. You will be put into your house and then you must escape the room by solving different puzzles within the 30 minute time frame.

Will you dare to enter the escape room?

Sports timetable for this half term

KS3 football at Kingsmeadow yesterday was by all accounts a good session with lots of improvement!

Meet the member of staff

Rocking the look - Ms Jones in her Tyrolean holiday hat

Some readers claim this is their favourite part of the Newsletter, whilst some say they never get to the end. So, if you're here reading this, read on. You're going to learn some interesting nuggets of information about our resident Speech and Language Therapist, Ms Jones. She doesn't like the cold, she loves to travel and she's up for giving away some of her beloved musical instruments.

If money was no object, which shop would you most enjoy splurging out at?

It would definitely be a musical instrument shop as long as I’m given the space to store them all. I already have more guitars and banjos than I need but would like to try and play other instruments or give them away to people who want to learn.

What one programme should we all be regularly watching?

I recommend you all look out for any of the classic American musicals of the 1950s - people sing their thoughts and feelings and nobody minds.

Choose a title for the film of your life.

Frozen 3 – it’s about me last week when the school’s boiler gave up the ghost.

Why Canbury?

Because of the welcome and enthusiasm of all of the staff and students when I first visited the school, also the beautiful building and its Campbell history.

Best thing about working here?

I love being part of the Canbury family of course (see above), having lots of light and space in the speech and language therapy room plus the covered bike storage.

If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?

I would aim for some time between 1556 and 1682 for a chance to see Nonsuch Palace before Charles II’s girlfriend knocked it down and sold off the bricks to pay her gambling debts. I visited Whitehall in Cheam last weekend where they have a scale model on show - it looked spectacular!

Tell us the three people you would most like to have dinner with?

My first love (Mickey Mouse), and musical heroes Dolly Parton and Barbara Streisand.

What one piece of advice would you give your 11 year old self?

Advice would come with speech and language therapy targets, support and strategies – I would suggest trying to work a bit harder at school and distract others less.

How do you relax/unwind?

It depends how much time I have. I enjoy playing Angry Birds Blast (ask me what level I’m on), playing classical guitar and holidays in the Austrian Alps.