London's people love & connection

Olive "I am looking for the next pub..... We have a brewery and t's my job to sell this brand to all pubs in London... When my boss calls me and asks me where I am, I always say "in the pub" He is always pleased to hear this"
Duane "In America, when shoes are hanged down along cable lines, it means that someone passed away in this spot; however the shoes are hanging the opposite, it is simply art"
Esareta " I have been working in this mural for the past 3 days"
Elaine "I come from Canada, Montreal, and I have been in London for the past 3 days. I found London to be a beautiful city"
Alison "I love being behind my camera; however I really struggle to be in front of one"
Archie "We just moved into Shoreditch this week and today it is our first time walking around the area. So far, we have loved the people and its coffee shops"
ClockWork "I flew from Malaysia 3 nights ago to be inspired by all the graffiti artists in the area. Right now, I am looking for a whole so I can also leave my mark in London"
Jumana "We (my sisters & cousins) are from Saudi Arabia. We come to London a least once a year. Right now we are looking for any graffiti done by Banksy; but we haven't got any luck"

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