iPhone 6 the same thing as the iphone 5

The iPhone 6 is a smartphone made by the manufacturing company of Apple. The launch of this Phone was on September 9, 2015 and its sequal the iPhone 6 and 6s

The main element that makes up this iPhone is Aluminum. Its the back case of the iPhone and it is the most used for its pros such as it provides hard and scratch resistant surface.

the element that is most reusable is Aluminum. it is mined at Australia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

the lifespan of an average iPhone 6 is about 3 years if handled with care.

The journey of the waste metal would end u in a dump but now apples new Eco friendly agreement will now reuse the useful parts and recycle the unneeded parts

Overall this device hasn't made mankind revolutionary but it has brought new models to the next generation phones.


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