Skyline A Short story

A Meteor known by one name, Omega; coming from an unknown source is quickly approaching the coastal city of Atlantis . Screams can be heard blocks across with the realization of hopelessness and isolation. Seconds before impact a message is broadcasted thought the entire city, “A Omega is coming!”. Of course this cry for help is much to late, within seconds the people of Atlantis are practically face to face with the fiery foe. The giant rock scrapping the sky such as fingernails on a chalkboard. You hear loud screeching as the metal frames of the buildings themselves are being twisted and turned by the heavy electromagnetic waves of the giant Omega. The time between this screech and impact are practically identical, the beast slams against the Great Transport building and sequentially sends millions of pounds of debris into the air and surrounding buildings. The before mentioned flames are flown all across the city, sending virtually every building on fire. What was Atlantis is now a giant fireball, full of screaming people and constant explosions. A giant cloud of smoke arises from ground zero. A Cloud so thick and powerful that it blocks vision of anyone attempting to peer onto the fireball. This cloud causes irregular weather patterns and climate change thousands of miles from the radius of the city. Enough force to create a Magnitude 11 earthquake, sending the entire peninsula into the ocean, sinking more the 100 kilometers of land with it Not a single soul lives to tell the Legend of Omega

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