From supermarket to super surgery building Manchester Square Medical Centre, Milford Haven

This building, on the site of a former supermarket, is home to healthcare services for more than 16,000 patients. It created the space for two GP surgeries to work alongside a pharmacy, health visitors, midwives and district nursing teams.

"Milford Haven serves a large community, and as a consequence, it has increased health and social care demands. Therefore, the new facility at Manchester Square is very much welcomed and I'm pleased that the area finally has the health facilities that it needs. This health centre will greatly facilitate inter-agency working and continuity of care as well as allowing for an increasing range of services and chronic disease management to be delivered locally." Preseli Pembrokeshire AM, Paul Davies on visiting the building.

"Our team is delighted - it's a major step forward for patients and the local community to have a large and up to date health centre with many trustees under one roof." Dr Mackintosh, lead GP, Robert Street Surgery