Only Daughter Connation Nora rodriguez

Cisneros refers to herself as an “only daughter” and “only a daughter”.

Denotation of Only daughter can be either an only child or the only girl in a family of boys.

Connotation of Only a daughter sounds like someone who thinks girl children are less valuable than boy children

Cisneros’s father boast that he has “siete hijos” The Denotation of hijos is both children and boys.

Connotation of Cisneros heard "boys'' and was sad because when said that, he didn't include her like a daugther and she felt useless

This reveals that the author's tone is kind a arrogant because the way in that her father wants to do the things with her daughter, and he don't care about her daughter about her happiness. He just wants to marry his daughter with men that she will meet in college.

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