Swordfish by soren c. henderson

Swordfish are a type of fish that lives in the ocean. They are two colors: blue and green. Swordfish can grow up to 177 inches long. They can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. The female swordfish grow larger than males. They are related to sailfish, spearfish, blue marlins, and marlins.

Swordfish are carnivores which means they eat meat. They eat tuna, barracuda, Dorado, flying fish, mackerel, hake, rockfish, and squid. Swordfish breach the ocean to suffocate fish while in mid-air.

They can be found in every ocean. Swordfish need to be independent and fast to survive. It lives by itself through adulthood

Swordfish have adapted many times. They have no teeth, so they cut their food. Swordfish don’t have scales to increase speed. They have a spear-like nose to be hydrodynamic.

Here are some interesting facts about swordfish. Swordfish have no teeth nor scales. They eat at night most of the time. Swordfish have special organs next to their eyes that heat up the eyes and the brain. The scientific name of the swordfish is “Xiphias Gladias.” A female swordfish can lay from 1,000,000 to 30,000,000 eggs.

Swordfish are fascinating creatures aren't they?


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