At the beginning of the semester I accepted a challenge from my teacher to not hit the snooze button I took this a step further and decided to start waking up at six o’clock during the week. When I first started out doing this it was very hard to force myself to get out of bed and not hit the snooze button. One thing that helped me get through this was watching a video on Facebook and it was former navy seals and them talking about how they wake up at four o’clock every morning still so that they can still get a lot of stuff done during the day. One of the things that seals said was hitting the snooze button is like accepting defeat first thing in the morning. For me that was a big help because I hate losing and I don’t want to start my day with a loss. one other thing i caught myself doing was going to bed at an earlier hour too, long gone were the days of staying up till one and two in the morning trying to do homework and other assignments i was getting them done way earlier and going to sleep by midnight most nights. The key to this was waking up at six so that i wasnt wasting time throughout my day or staying up later after i got back from work to work on things that i now get done through out the day. Another thing that has helped me is my garmin vivo active hr it tracks the state of sleep that im getting it also tracks my heart rate throughout the night and shows me when im getting the most restful sleep. My garmin watch also helps wake up first thing in the morning because it allows me to set alarm that also vibrates on my wrist to help wake me up. Waking up at six helps me get more things done throughout the day and allows me to get the most out of my time during the day, it even allows me to have some more me time during the day because I can wake up and do some things just for me and then I can go to class and study between class and work on home work between classes as well this really helped me during spring practices because I could get my homework done first thing in the morning and not have to worry about it when I get home so late after the practices. As I continued to go through this process I noticed that it got easier and easier to do and it helped me be on time for my classes and even carried over to the weekends sadly and I was finding myself not sleeping the weekends away and spending them working on chores at home or spending more time with my dogs. Overall id say that this was a fun and exciting experiment for me and I will continue to do this for the remainder of the semester and hopefully into next semester.

the great thing about garmin is that it show the trends of sleep that I get and the quality of the sleep that im getting. it also calculates the avg amount of quality sleep levels that i get in a night. this helps me because i can learn to help calm myself down more before bed to ensure that i get better sleep.

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