Theology of the body Sandy Aparicio, Arturo Ernand, Juan Joray

The meaning of The Theology of the Body:
The Theology of the Body meaning is how we reflect to St. John Paul II. His explanation of it is the actually human body like and how hour bodies have meaning. Referring to what he says, we make it visible and make what is invisible reality.
Contrast/compare the message of TOB with popular culture concept of human sexuality.

Contrasting to what Christopher West has said that we should take our time and enjoy being single but also to like think about ourselves and what we can do/think about for us genuinely. Going into that, the majority of people as of today don't really think, speaking in our age division, of being focus on ourselves too much.

Comparing in what he has said, it is kind of true because there are some of us that enjoy being focus on themselves, which is great because you genuinely learn on your own and is being more day by day independent. I know that there is people out there who do tend to focus on themselves which is great because sometimes it's honestly not worth it too much to have a relationship.

Take three male/female differences (three for males, three for females) and explain.

Male/ Female #1 Commitment:

Speaking for both, commitment seems to be taken more serious in a female perspective than males do. Females try a lot more than guys, not saying that makes don't but like females stress about it sometimes and start wondering more about what can come in the future. Like both agree that commitment is serious but shouldn't be all stress in the beginning besucase it's starting off. The male has said that it needs to be equal and not all the work should be in the male like the girls should try as well. The female has spoken the same and yes commitment is strong but if you really like that person it shouldn't be hard to overcome.

Male/Female #2:Communication:

Male: He believes that when talking to the girl that you like, he believes that communication is important and should be understanding in eachother. Like if questions are ask there shouldn't be yes or no answers but should be explain that way both are getting to know eachother along the way.

Female: From a female perspective, communication is important, like it's good to talk to your significant other. For example, if both are in a argument it's good to talk it through to get it fix and not just let it beunresolved.

Male/Female #3: Perspective in going into a relationship:

Male/Female: From this female perspective, she's currently in a relationship and both of them speaking feel like they know it's good, besucase they are eachothers best friend. Both felt that it was natural and not weird what so ever. They both feel really smooth about going into more in this relationship and should be balance in.

How do these differences help you understand more what it means to be male, to be female?

That both are different perspectives but in the end it's going to be in like a common ground with eachother. This helps us see what different sayings of others feel about it. Like we know everyone is different but in the end both agree on the same thing. Like yes it's different talking to a guy or to a girl but it all depends on how the person feels about that other. Like males know what to say and know what not to say in the end, same goes for females. However, male to male and female to female it's different because both would understand eachothers own perspective.

What are your "realistic" expectations for how males and females should behave on a date?

For starters, realistically it should be honestly fun but something that both can enjoy even if in the end it didn't really have a spark but at least both enjoyed each other's presence. Aside from that it should be:

  • Must have communication and not just be weird with eachother.
  • Should be open about anything with eachother.
  • The man should end up paying on the date.
  • Get to know eachother
  • Meet the parents
  • To be enjoyed
  • Focus on eachother not on something else
  • Evaluate on him and her
Include your 10 Rules for Dating
  1. Communication
  2. Listen to eachother all times
  3. Obviously, both should enjoy each others company
  4. Personality before body
  5. Loyalty
  6. Freedom
  7. Honesty
  8. Commitment
  9. Respect
  10. Both are equal

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