Annual Report 2020

Executive Director's Message

Byron Bruckner

As we walk with students together, as you empower us to do that, we are able to help them turn their eyes to Christ and find direction - the ultimate direction.


CYAK’s mission is to serve Alaska youth and young adults through Christ-centered ministry, partnership, and discipleship, to raise mature believers who will lead the Church for generations to come.


Vibrant and healthy communities reflecting the gospel of Christ and led by people God has transformed.


  • Native Leadership Development
  • Intercultural Ministry
  • Local Church Collaboration/Synergy
  • Healthy Relationships in Community
  • Discipleship & Evangelism
  • Fun!

Together we find life.

It takes a vast network of individuals, organizations, communities, and churches to reach and disciple youth and young adults. The CYAK team is made up of believers who have a heart for sharing the transformative love of Christ with young people. Together we are able to increase our reach to see more lives impacted.

Freeman Gransbury

Intern in Anchorage, AK

My role is being someone that young people can reach out to in times of need. That was my main reason for wanting to become a youth pastor, so that teens and young adults can have someone to reach out to. I have known the pain of losing friends and not being ok, and I don’t want them to go through that. I want them to have someone to lean on because if I didn’t have somebody to lean on I would’ve been in a really dark place. Somebody that they can trust, love, and know in their community. That’s how it was for me growing up in youth group. Having somebody check in on me, having somebody making sure I was ok, having that same person pray for me - it was very helpful and encouraging and still is to this day.

Being a part of the CYAK team means a lot to me. I’ve been engaged with CYAK for the past 9 years and being a part of the team is amazing. We are here for each other and we have people to import wisdom from if we need wisdom for bible studies or devos. If we are feeling down or need someone to pray with or talk, we can ask one another. There is an awesome community.

Melanie Shavings

Youth group leader and Sunday school teacher in Elim, AK

To be a part of the CYAK team to me means supporting other leaders to encourage and uplift our youth and one another as a family as we grow and learn together in Christ.

It has been a positive experience. I have been strengthened by prayers, and it has been encouraging to know there are others who are involved in youth in different ways and we all have the same goal to impact the Youth for Christ. Learning from others and sharing ideas as well as talking about life struggles and positive achievements have allowed me to learn more about myself and having the support to keep pressing forward taking it one day at a time while ministering to youth.

Discipleship Ministry

Walking with students along the day to day journey of life through relationship and discipleship.

Regional Events

Gathering youth regionally, focusing on outreach and furthering growth in Christ.

Local Youth Support

Supporting youth through a network of committed volunteers of every skillset.

CYAK Strategic Priorities

Read past updates about the lives that have been impacted by CYAK.


Quyana for your investment in Covenant Youth of Alaska. This report is incomplete without giving full acknowledgement to the financial donors who make all of this possible. Thank you for believing in what God is doing through CYAK and for joining the efforts to see the light of Jesus transform the young people of Alaska.

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