The Great Goddess Athena BY Katelyn cler

Athena: The Goddess of Wisdom and War

Let's talk about Athena. She became her father's favorite as soon has she started to grow. Athena has her own sacred area. This one place that she finds sacred is the Olive Tree. She often visits it. Sometimes Athena may seem a little selfish. For Instance, There was a maiden named Arachne. Arachne always claimed to be so beautiful and the best loom weaver in town. She claimed to be better than Athena. King Midas's Golden Touch. That was a good story. Meaning that everything he touched would turn to gold, because he had helped someone out with a major task. Then a God rewarded him with any wish he wanted. He wanted the power of everything he touched to become gold. Things quickly got out of hand. He couldn't eat or drink anything at all because it had turned to stone when it touched him. He begged the Gods for forgiveness and that is what they gave him. Along with that the Gods had given him donkey ears because donkeys are really bad listeners. That for some reason reminds me of Pandora's Box. One day Epimetheus made a creature called humans. Zeus, king of Gods was not very pleased with these creatures. Epimetheus stole fire from mount Olympus and gave it to humans. Zeus was so mad he sent him up to a bird who pecked at his liver every day. Prometheus, Zeus's other son was lonely. Zeus decided to make his other son a wife. The most beautiful human. Zeus gave them a box that was never to be opened. Pandora is the wife and she was so tempted to open that one little box. So one day when Prometheus was gone she just had to take one little peek. Horrible things flew out of the box. They immediately attacked Prometheus. Another Allusion is Achilles's heel. This just means your weak spot. My favorite is Trojan Horse meaning kind of like a joke. Maybe even a trick. Some Heroes are Odysseus and Hercules. Odysseus saved his whole crew from the evil cyclops Polyphemus. Hercules did impossible tasks to get forgiveness for killing his family when Hera his step mother was terrorizing him. The way to get forgiveness is to do 12 impossible tasks. He did just that. They seem to have some things in common like they both like to save people and earn what they need or want.Some villains are Polyphemus and Hades. Polyphemus is an evil cyclops who kills any sailors that come near him. Hades is the God of the underworld. He kidnapped a girl named Persephone. He wanted her to be his wife but she didn’t want to be his wife. My favorite story like I said is King Midas’s Golden Touch. Just because he got what he deserved. Greek Mythology has been a lot more fun then I thought it would be.

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