Top 10 Portfolio Nathan Allen

My class watched a video by Ideo, in which we were able to learn about brainstorming and the creative process needed to rapidly create a functional prototype.

We started off class by playing a game using geometric tiles. We were required to arrange the tiles into a certain shape, which was difficult because the shape was shaded completely black. To break down the shapes in this way was both challenging and fun and forced us to think outside the box.

During the 3D prototyping project, my group had to brainstorm many ideas before we finally decided on one. I am definitely a believer that collaborative brainstorming produces great ideas because our final idea was only conceived after plenty of others were previously introduced.

I watched an interesting video, in which a man was using choreography and dance to help explain complex scientific concepts. This highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary work, and how the best ideas can come from the connection of two previously unconnected concepts, like dance and science.

I attended an event in which the head of a business incubator was the speaker. He spoke of different businesses and how he helps them grow and thrive. This event was particularly interesting because he focused on the things that make a business successful or different, and he stressed something that I personally had never heard stressed before: execution.

I watched a TED talk video that I found to be quite informative and inspirational. It spoke of the power of "Why" when selling something. The valuable insight I obtained while watching this video is sure to have an impact on any and all ventures I pursue in the future.

The 30 Day Challenge project forced my to complete a creative task everyday for a consecutive thirty days. The creative tasks varied from writing haikus and six word memoirs to creating illustrations and poems and videos. This challenge opened my eyes to the strengths and weaknesses of my own creative abilities, and how I can minimize those weaknesses and improve those strengths in the future.

One of the assignments for the 30 Day challenge was to draw the offspring of two unlikely animals. I chose a dragon and a fly since there is already an animal called a dragonfly. I found this task to be particularly enjoyable and it set me up to enjoy the rest of the project since it is the first task that I completed.

During class, we abstracted our favorite animal. We broke down the overall form of the animal down into its most basic shapes and features. This helped us to apply the concept of abstracting to real world situations and problems.

This was my favorite project during the course of this class. My group and I created a 3D prototype in the UF Fab Lab using 3d printing and laser cutting. This was a great way to expose students to the nitty gritty work of rapidly prototyping a product.


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