Invisible Children Kids at risk action (KARA) press kit

Kids At Risk Action (KARA) was created to initiate community conversations and to engage Minnesota citizens in discussions about the incredible problem of at risk, neglected and abused children in Minnesota. Since our inception, nearly two decades ago, KARA has engaged principals, teachers, social workers, lawyers, judges, police officers, parents, students, health professionals, and the larger community in discussions about child abuse and trauma.

MIKE TIKKANEN, Author: Invisible Children, volunteer CASA Guardian ad Litem in Hennepin County since 1996, current and founding board member of CASAMN and Founder & President of KARA. Mike has bought, sold, owned and operated a number of Minnesota businesses and managed dozens of employees in his corporate life. He is unapologetically and passionately committed to improving the lives of at risk children.


I come from the world of child protection. About 37% of children are reported by child abuse by their 18th birthday. Abuse has tripled. It's a problem that no one wants to talk about.
A child growing up in a home abuse is more than likely the environment is where the parents came from. These children don't get it out without our help. Children need the coping skills, to lead a happy and productive life.


Weapons are not the problem; the epidemic of child abuse and childhood trauma is an exploding mental health problem filling our prisons and creating fertile ground for violent behaviors.


Understanding & Advocating for At-Risk Kids

Invite this conversation to your community, organization and campus.

Advocating from the Front Lines: Improving outcomes and the lives of children

"Teacher turnover is high, school performance is suffering, social workers, health workers and, law enforcement is seeing the exponential growth of fearful behaviors triggered by childhood traumas. Suicides, violent crime and mass shootings come from a very deep well of unaddressed mental health issues and it is most likely that our nation will see many more until voters recognize the depth and scope of the problem."


Judge Leonard Edwards words of support: "The Invisible Children on College Campuses project impresses me greatly. I believe it will inform and inspire college students and lead to their involvement in activities that will benefit children in the community. I support this project wholeheartedly." -- Judge Leonard Edwards (ret.)

37% of American children are reported to Child Protection Services by the time they are 18, one hundred million Americans have a criminal record.
Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz stated that “The difference between that poor child and a felon is about eight years” & “90% of the youth in our Juvenile Justice System has passed through Child Protection”.

The vast majority of children aging out of foster care lead dysfunctional lives, over 1/3 of U.S. children are reported to child protection by their 18thbirthday and 1/3 of our state ward children are forced onto psychotropic medications.

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