Thank You Mr. President With one day left in office, WASHINGTOn, the world, (and i) say thank you

"Thank you."

I know you've been hearing this a lot.

But you'll have to humor me, for today is your last day in office and I'm currently your neighbor for about one more day.

Election Night, 2008

Thank you for the excitement

Your campaign ran on a message of hope, a uniting force rather than a hateful, dividing one. After war and economic turmoil, the notion of a new, uplifting message that provided a path to concrete change proved influential and necessary in a time where previous governance and leadership left Americans worse off. Thank you for sparking new ideas of progress and making Americans look forward to the future.

Thank you for being a person and a superhero all at the same time

Whether it was schooling people in basketball or making affordable heath care available for every American, you always appeared to still be a human being.

Thank you for your respect for all

Even when you didn't receive it back. Although our country is not equal, you serve as a leader in the possibility that one day we will be. Your administration pushed the United States closer to being a true place of freedom. Despite venom being spewed your way from the average critic to even public figures, your grace and eloquence proves that respect and kindness will always prevail over hatred. Thank you for showing the potential in Americans to strive towards equality, you've put us on that path.

Thank you for you for hearing and listening

Despite the fact there are over 300 million Americans, you and your staff do hear us. Thank you for answering my father's letter to you when he thanked you for advocating for veteran's rights and bringing attention to homelessness. It meant the world to my dad and helped me realize that our government is the government of the people.

Thank you for being my President

I was 11 when you first were elected president of the United States. I've since become a legal adult, graduated high school, and started college. You've been a role model for me throughout my adolescence and have helped me realize my interest in politics. Thank you for inspiring generations of young people to join politics no matter who they are or where they come from. Even as an awkward 11 year old, you made me feel as though I could do something one day.


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