Christian Denominations by Adam walsh

I am a Catholic

I have also studied at a CofE school and witnessed a Greek Orthodox Christening

These are therefore the Sections I will show in my Report

Pope Francis is Head of The Catholic Church

Roman Catholicism

Also Called RC or Catholicism

  • The Catholic religion is ruled by the Pope, currently Pope Francis, from Vatican City in Rome
  • Over 1 billion of us have received the sacrament of baptism, that's a 1:6 ratio of Catholic to other.
  • We strongly believe in Mary whereas other denominations do not as much
  • We take a strong belief in the Eucharist
Church of England Logo

Church Of England

Also known as Anglican or Protestant

  • The Church of England is ruled by the reigning monarchy, therefore the King/Queen must be Anglican or they may be considered illegitimate to the throne and the closest CofE relative would be called upon as monarchy.
  • It was founded by King Henry VIII to allow his divorce from Catherine of Aragon and marriage to Anne Boleyn
  • It doesn't take sacraments as seriously as Roman Catholicism
A Greek Orthodox Priest
The Greek Orthodox Symbol

Greek orthodox

  • Greek Orthodox's stick to tradition. They follow the earliest possible traditions and followings.
  • It is traditional for their priests to wear dark clothes like the photo seen above of a greek orthodox priest
  • They Have No statues in their churches
  • They approve of married clergymen

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