Alcatraz By: Ethan Fye


The Alcatraz Prison Penitentiary is located in the San Francisco, California bay area. The prison is 40 meters above sea level and 535 meters wide. The land all together is 22 acres. The island is mainly known as Alcatraz Island but some people refer to it as Americas' Devil Island. The island is located 1.25 miles offshore. The 1.25 miles of water surrounding the island are shark infested and have three meter high waves occurring all the time from the massive currents.


Finding Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island was founded 1775 by a Spanish explorer named Juan Manuel del Ayala. He originally named the island La Isla de Altraces which means, "The Island of the Pelicans." He named the island this because the island was full of penguins.

U.S. Army Barrack

Before Alcatraz the island was occupied by a U.S. army barrack. This barrack was used to train and prepare many recruits for war. This barrack wasn't used to train recruits after the Civil War was over.

Civil War Prison

After the barrack it was transformed into a Civil war MILITARY prison for the prisoners of the civil war. The prisoners were overflowing throughout the prison. This problem forced many foreigners to go to other prisons in the U.S.

Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz maximum security prison was opened August 11, 1934. The very first 137 prisoners arrived at the prison at 9:40 AM. These prisoners were surprised by what they experienced at the prison for they were treated horribly by the guards.

Members of Alcatraz

The Alcatraz prison had 155 staff members and 60 were FBI agents or U.S. marshals. The staff had to wash dishes and jumpsuits while the guards had to watch over the prisoners. The guards had no limit to how cruel they could be to the prisoners.

Escape from Alcatraz

Prisoners tried 36 times to escape from Alcatraz, but this attempt by Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin in 1962 was successful. These inmates roamed through the ventilation system and made a raft of yellow raincoats to escape Alcatraz Island. Only the raft was found and because of this escape the prison was shut down by the government for it was no longer an escape proof prison.

Culture of Alcatraz Island

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area took over Alcatraz Island and it is now an open area for filming. The famous movie filmed in the prison is "Escape from Alcatraz." There is also a well known video game DLC called Call of Duty Mob of the Dead that is placed on Alcatraz Island. On every Columbus day and Thanksgiving day there are sunrise gatherings on the island. The Global Peace Foundation wanted Alcatraz so they could turn it into a peace center but this was rejected by 72% of congress.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Things To Do

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area gives tours of the prison and some certain cells.Some of the many items you can buy are rule signs, which have one rule written on each.

The famous cell you can visit is Al Capone's cell and everything in his cell is the way he left it.

You can also climb this lighthouse that is standing over the steep and sharp rocks.


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