Stoichiometry Project: Human Resistance Daisy Orozco/Tong Sonsawat

Our world is be in danger from the aliens. The major city like Great Britain was invaded and needed to be get rid of the strangers by using the chemical weapon called "Hydrogen Cyanide."

Hydrogen Cyanide ?

Hydrogen Cyanide: The chemical compound which is colorless, extremely poisonous, and flammable liquid that able to boil in the room temperature.

Hydrogen Cyanide in the form of poison and weapon: This chemical compound have the special smell (alike an almond) and if they are concentration in the range of 100-200 ppm in the air they are able to kill the human within 10 to 60 minutes and if above 2,000 ppm they will kill the human in about 1 minute.

Extermination Process

Extermination Process: The chemical weapon that we used to get rid of the aliens have smell like an almond. For the pro of this chemical, the aliens might not know what is almond because their planets might not have an agricultural. The scientists or the professional staffs will sneak into the place that free of people and the place that the aliens be on duty and then they will be fumigate the chemical in that area, the aliens may confuse about what are they inhaling and dying slowly with the confusion. For the con of this chemical, the aliens may have the immunity for this chemical and we may waste the stuffs by get nothing.

The chemical equation of how to make the weapon is 2 CH4 + 2 NH3 + 3 O2 → 2 HCN + 6 H2O
Great Britain after getting rid of the aliens.

The ingredients of the chemical weapon: 24889 g.CH4, 24889 g.NH3, and 12444 g.O2


Reflections: The best part of the project that we enjoy the most is the sandwich organizer because we have to research the thing that we do not know like the chemical equation of Hydrogen Cyanide and do some math stuff. And the other one is create the presentation because we have to use our creative to think about what picture is match to the topic and we have to use our imagination about how to exterminate the aliens.


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