Josie Dalley B6

These are my knife cuts. There are many different kinds of cuts. The Julian which is the matchstick like cut. The diagonal cut which makes food look bigger and the Ribbon cut. The thin cut greens in the center of the plate cut into little ribbons.
This is a Ninja Professional 1000 3-speed blender, Silver and black. I found it online at Best Buy for $69.99. I would love this in my future kitchen because I love smoothies, I could make soups and different dishes too.
We made this when we were learning about spices. In this we had a bunch of garlic and basil. We also had mustard, beans, tomatoes, vinegar, and oils
We made this when we were learning different cooking techniques. In this one we learned how to separate the egg yolk from the egg white.
When we made this dish. We had just learned what poaching was, In this dish we had poached a pear. We also learned how to cook the noodles. We also learned that for the carrots we needed to cook them for a tiny amount of time then dump them in ice water.

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