Navajo Tribe BY:Wyatt Camacho and Jessica Crowell

The Navajo are Native American people of the Southwest of the United States. They call themselves Dine. This word means "people" or "human beings" in their language.

In the year 800 ancestors of the Navajo tribe traveled to Alaska and Canada. Many years past when they began traveling to the Southwestern United States. Then the Spanish explorers arrived and forced them to walk "The Great Walk" which was a 300 mile walk on foot. Many Navajo died during the great walk usually because of overwork or diseases.

According to Navajo tradition four "holy" people created the world. They then created the first Navajo people from ears of corn. These spirits set the Navajo upon the sacred land they call Dinetah. This land's four tall mountains are signs of the "holy" people.

Today there are over 300,000 Navajo in the United States. Most of them live in the Navajo nation. In the early 21st century many Navajo continued to live a traditional life style, But many of them are still facing many troubles.

Navajo hunt deer and rabbit but they mostly farmed for their food. Although in their early days as a Nomadic tribe they mostly hunted for their food. The Navajo do not even use many weapons at all.

Here are some pictures of a, Navajo mat, a Elder Navajo women teaching a girl, and two landscapes to show you what the Navajo lived in.

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