Good Life Tour of the Harn Emily Miller

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: The medium and technique of art is a very important factor and contribution to the feeling and appreciation that will be received from the work. A piece of artwork I saw in the Harn and really appreciated was entitled "Springtime Vision" by Childe Hassam. This painting was one of appreciating the nature and beauty of the season and atmosphere. The artist used painting techniques and strokes that brought the vibrant and vivid colors of spring. Seeing the artwork in person allowed me to better appreciate and understand it because I was able to closely see the details and strokes of the brush that added the detail and meaning to the painting. The painting was not definite in the image, but I was able to see the sky and trees in the open field. Seeing this closely gave me a breath of fresh air and a sense of relaxation because I was experiencing it first hand.

Childe Hassam: Springtime Vision

Design of the Museum: The design of the museum contributes to the feeling and enjoyment of the experience one has while being present. An area of the museum that I found particularly appealing was the Asian Art wing. I really appreciated and enjoyed this wing of the museum because of the design and setup as a whole. The area was located near a very open window and glass doorway that allowed light to shine through. The area was also very open and spacious. The large amount of openness allowed me to analyze and take in everything that was around me. It also allowed me to feel like I was relaxed and not overwhelmed by too much in one area.

Asian Art Wing

Art and Core Values: Art is meant to reach viewer's emotions and personal beliefs. One core component of my personal life and values is my hometown. My hometown is near and dear to my heart because it is a very small town that no one ever hears of. This town helped raise me into the person I am today, and I know I could not have learned the morals and values I do now without my town. This picture by Herman Herzog is entitled "Landscape with Three Deer." In this photo, three deer are seen in the middle of a field looking off into the distance. The reason this reminded me of home is because my hometown was primarily that type of environment. Every family lived on fields and farms where any type of wildlife would feel comfortable enough to approach.

Herman Herzog: Landscape with Three Deer

Art and the Good Life: Art helps in enabling one to discover the Good Life. This is because the artist incorporates themes of inspiration and finding peace and serenity in daily events in the art piece. In this picture by Hayley Lever, "Sailboats new Houses, Nantucket," serenity is a theme. The artist painted sailboats in a harbor on a summer day. This picture reminds the viewer of carefree days during summer where all that mattered was going outside to relax. The sailboats in the picture support the idea of fun and enjoyment without the pressure of being stressed. The picture allows the viewer to let their mind be free and go wherever it may meander.

Hayley Lever: Sailboats near Houses, Nantucket
Created By
Emily Miller


I took all of these photos by myself.

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