Because of your support, 2015 was an amazing year for people in need of lasting, clean water.

People change everything. You, our partners, and the communities you impact through clean water are all one team, sitting at one table. Together, we unlock potential in one another.

Our team, our partners, our supporters and those we serve all sit at one table. Together. Above are just a few of our team and partners.

We take our work seriously at The Water Project. But we also believe in having fun. Java, our Chief Happiness Officer, was promoted to an executive position and increased overall productivity and joy in our office. She gets her own work-nap policy and scheduled petting times with each member of our staff. Talk about a benefit!

More than 6,000 of you continued to make clean water a reality for more than 283,000 people. 122 communities and 54 schools got to experience clean water for the first time.

We report back on every donation, every time.

Yarleena, 7, raised more than $500 through her fundraising campaign and helped bring clean water to a community in Uganda.

More than 1,000 of you started fundraising pages, inviting your friends and family to join you in doing amazing things for clean water. Your voice, your friends, and your passion unlock the potential of entire communities.

Doing amazing things for clean water, and inviting your friends and family into your amazingness means all of you get to see exactly what community you helped!

475 groups took The Water Challenge, making water your only beverage and donating saved money to water projects.

Your commitment means clean water for deserving communities.

More than 350 of you contribute monthly—supporting local, in-country jobs and programs that repair water points in 6 countries. You keep water flowing for hundreds of communities and schools—including restoring water to 25,000 people in Ebola impacted Sierra Leone, alone!

Your monthly gift assures communities can count on water, every month!

In 2015, more than 6000 of you gave $2,155,485!

Gone are the days of wondering if your donation is really making a difference. We show every donor, every project and every outcome—every time. In 2015, our reporting got even better, putting you in the communities you've helped.

We show every donor, every project and every outcome—every time.

Ongoing monitoring using smart phones is now a standard across all our programs. As we receive this data, we post it online for everyone to see. It allows us all to stay connected and able to assist and celebrate with the communities we serve as projects are monitored and issues resolved.

We added remote sensors at hand-pumps in Kenya. These sensors only know how to tell the truth. We get to see, in real-time, what’s working and what isn’t. We even know how much clean water each pump is providing every day. Now, if something does go wrong, we can be quick to respond.

We’re not kidding. Every time you give, our reporting links you to the project you are making possible. You get to see it all – GPS coordinates, information about the community you are helping, photographs and updates showing how your giving is becoming clean water. In 2015, we improved our reports to better connect you to the work and communities you help. Many of our supporters said they “felt like we put them right there, into the community they are helping.”

See what you can expect every time you give!

In 2015, 122 communities and 54 schools received clean water in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Uganda.

In Sierra Leone, our teams worked selflessly to keep water flowing in communities impacted by Ebola. 14 communities received wells and with your support, our teams kept water flowing for over 100 communities.

In Western Kenya, our teams drilled and repaired wells, provided rainwater catchment systems and latrines for schools and protected springs for 102 communities.

In Southeastern Kenya, our teams continued their work with farming communities facing drought and water insecurity. 37 water projects reversed the effects of extended drought by providing sand dams, wells and rainwater catchment systems. Many of the communities have already turned a profit from climate-smart farming practices.

In Western Uganda, your support means we continue to form community-led partnerships and work at schools to provide clean water. 23 new wells were implemented, and many of these communities provided their own household sanitation solutions to prove their commitment to the health of their own communities.

In 2015, your support was thoughtfully stewarded. We always work to maximize every dollar you donate, we invest in the future of all our teams and programs, and fight to keep water flowing for communities. We hope you always feel part of our team and close to the work.

The 2015 Financials tell a pretty amazing story of passion, fun, hard-work and money turning into clean water. You can review all our 2015 financials by visiting the links below, and we love talking about all the good that happened - so call us with any questions, or just to say hi!

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