Oliver Hill Kathryn T

Have you ever wanted to be a lawyer and work against racial segregation? Well, Oliver Hill did just that and he was great at it! He helped win Brown vs. the Board of Education, and win rights for African Americans.

Oliver Hill was born on May 1, 1907, in Richmond, Virginia. His parents were William Henry White Jr. and Olivia Lewis White Hill. He had no siblings. Oliver Hill did not have a very stable childhood. His dad abandoned his mother shortly after Oliver was born. In 1911, his mother obtained a divorce from his father. Oliver grew up all over Virginia . His family did not really have a lot of money but they did okay.

Oliver Hill had a spouse, her name was Beresenia Walker who died in 1993; Oliver almost outlived her by a decade. They had one son, his name was Oliver White Hill Jr. Oliver Hill had many accomplishments. In 1943, he was drafted into World War ll. After the war, he practiced law in Richmond. He was Chief of the Virginia branches legal staff. In 1947 he ran for city council of Richmond, but he came in tenth place. Oliver ran again in 1949 and was the first African American on the city council. Oliver became lead attorney for the NAACP. Then he helped in the court case, Brown vs. the Board of Education. Oliver Hill died of old age on August 5, 2007, in Richmond, Virginia.

Oliver Hill is a great man! We know of him today because of his great work in the court case of Brown vs. the Board of Education and his civil rights work.


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