Ms. Porsha Wilcott ED 202 eportfolio, Spring 2017

Here is a little information about me and why I want to teach.

My Philosophy

Standard #1

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning

To me, this standard means incorporating the real world as well as technology into your lessons to promote a more creative and fun learning experience for students. At the beginning of this course, prior to anything else, I believed that I was pretty versatile when it came to dealing with technology. I felt that since I was reasonably savvy on the topic, I could easily incorporate it into my classroom. However, after completing this course I realized that my resources were immense, and I actually knew very little about the technology I could make use of.

(Flower Power Makey Makey Game)

Standard #2

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.

Designing and developing age learning experiences means that I can set up lessons and assignments for my classroom in a meaningful approach. Prior to taking Educational Technology, I was completely at a lost when it came to setting up lesson plans. I was aware that as a teacher they would become a regular task, but I still could not fathom having to actually write one. It was difficult, but after a while I begin to get the hang of it.

I still have my doubts when it comes to my lesson plan. I don't see this as a large problem but more so...a lesson. I can only learn and grow and as such can only improve when it comes to filling out my lesson plans.

Standard #3

Model Digital Age Work And Learning

To my belief, I think this standard means being able to show that you have an admirable grasp on technology and how to involve the community together with it. I believe this is the standard I have gained the most from. I would have never known how to reach parents or students other than through phone or email before having achieved the knowledge of alternate media. It never crossed my mind that I could teach lessons to my students outside of the classroom. However, thanks to taking this course, I have learned that there are multiple ways to bring students and family into the lesson.

Options such as using flipped classrooms, or Google Classroom provides me with the chance to teach outside of class and also get parents involved as well. This has been an incredible addition to what I already know, as I plan on using these applications in the classroom towards the future.

Standard #4

Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

This standard in particular is very important to me. Prior to reading the ISTE standards, I was aware of the safety measures needed when using the worldwide web. The internet can be a dangerous place, and measures need to be taken when online. Children need to know this more than anyone else, and as such it should be required to be taught to them as soon as they're able to work a computer, tablet, etc. Because of that, I've created an online safety newsletter to show the dangers of the online world, and the precautions students need to take.

As a teacher, we hold the important responsibility of making sure our students are safe. Not only does it include their safety, but it also includes informing our students to be responsible online. Students must know how to speak respectively online, be it to peers or their teachers. The same can be said for the teachers.

Standard #5

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

"Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community..."

This standard speaks for itself. As a teacher, we must be constantly growing, constantly advancing forward to enhance the skills and abilities we carry. This does not only include technology, but as a whole. Before completing this course, I was content with the knowledge I had, but would not have trusted myself to apply it in a leadership position. I would not have had faith in myself when it came to actually using technology or guiding others to use it.

Now that I have become Google Certified and have rightfully completed the course, I am more confident in my ability to demonstrate technological expertise. I will undoubtedly use this wisdom to further compliment my educational journey.

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