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The purpose of this webpage is to prove some more in depth background information about the celerities in the photobook I created. The goal for the photobook itself was to show the effects of idolizing celebrities and how the fans begin to become more and more like the person they see on screen. I am paying homage to pop culture and playing with the idea of original people being inspired by pop culture . I used my experience with fan culture to set up my photobook. My goal was also use editing skill to learn to better merge images to create new ones.


Life Imitates Art

That has been the case for me especially being lgbtq+ and from a small town in West Virginia the media was my only exposure to people like myself even if the character projected and the celebrity representation were sometimes larger than life it become the person I always dreamt of being. I don't think that people should ever let anything consumer their whole life, but I think that taken inspiration from others can help a lot.

As Elizabeth Taylor

A Place in the Sun

As Marilyn Monroe

When you visualize Marilyn Monroe, it's easy to imagine the actress's signature look: blonde hair, red lip, full lashes. But the star actually started out her career as a fresh-faced brunette. While her beauty look quickly evolved as her career took off, Monroe continued to experiment with her hair and makeup, wearing her iconic curls in a variety of styles. She also proved the versatility of her glamorous look, by wearing a full face of makeup for every occasion, from an on-screen appearance to a casual party at home.

As Bob Marley

Don't Worry Be Happy

As Beyoncé

Some People don't idolize the celebrity so much, but more so the character that the celebrity has portray

As Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette Reynolds is a short order cook, a medium, and a major character on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by starring cast member Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette debuts on the episode "Strange Love" in the series' first season, and has remained a prominent character through the series' second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. A short order cook at his local hometown restaurant Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, a popular local hangout formerly known as Merlotte's Bar and Grill, Lafayette spends most of his time located in his hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana. The cousin of Tara Thornton, and the nephew of Lettie Mae Daniels, Lafayette is a medium that possesses a magical ability that allows him to make contact with the ghosts, or spirits, of Bon Temps deceased loved ones. After a relationship with the powerful brujo Jesus Velasquez, Lafayette has become possessed by a Mexican demon, giving him even more power.

speaking to ghosts true blood

As Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs

Replacing the stars


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