Second Semester Art Shauna Richardson

Due Date: February

Cardinal Acrylic Painting

This cardinal is what I had started last semester while waiting for my owl to get fired. I finished it because that was one of my goals. During this project, I developed painting skills such as getting the right colors, and making the painting look realistic. This project is engaging to me because I enjoy painting sometimes, I just have to get into it. I like it better when I get to paint animals and make them look real. If I were to do this project again, I would make sure I knew how to make the bird look realistic by putting different colors on the feathers. The artistic behavior I've used in this painting is "Engage and persist". I have been wanting to do more paintings so I know I get better at it. I want to be good at painting so I will keep trying to become better at it.

Ceramic Bowls

These are the bowls that I've thrown in the last few days. I'm becoming better at centering and making these bowls look good on the wheel because I keep doing it. I'm developing the skills of centering the bowls and then opening up the bowl. I really enjoy ceramics ans throwing bowls because I'm getting much better at it. The next time I do this, I am going tot throw a bigger bowl so I can master the big bowls. While throwing, I am developing art making skills because I am improving and learning new things every single time I throw on the wheel.


This is my penguin, Ramon. While building this penguin, I learned new things. I am improving at building things because what to do and what not to do when I build. This project is meaningful to me because I enjoy clay. If I could build something else, I will make sure I get the coils in the right spot and build it up right. An artistic behavior I used was develop art making skills. I have demonstrated this behavior because I am getting better every time I use clay and build something.


Ceramic Bowls

I have been throwing more bowls. I am trying to work on throwing bigger and taller mugs and cylinders. Last week, I didn't succeed in that but I turned them into bowls. I will keep working on them to throw taller objects.


Here are a few of my bowls that were just leather hard on my last post. In this picture, they have been fired. I have been developing new skills because I am trying new glazing skills. I had been doing plain glazes to all of my bowls and now I am trying to do more interesting glazes.

Here is my glazed penguin. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to but a lot of people like it. I am some what pleased. I love penguins so that's why I built the penguin.

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