purpose of website

BBC news is people that talk about the stuff that is happening in the world. it is free to watch you can watch it online and on tv.
wiki is a website that gives you information and answers to anything you want to know
YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others.
Tesco is a website that you can shop from your computer or your phone. You can also search for what you want and also when you have don you shopping people will bring the food to you

you can show things like note, images and videos

you can talk to people you have and you can message them

convention website

Hyperlinks - these can be any selectable objects ( a word/picture/video) clicking on the user to anther part of the website

search function - this part of a websites allows the user to quickly look for anything on the website based on a word or phrase

image - a photo/picture/visual/element

Embedded video and music - many website will feature a wide variety of video and music to inform of entertainment

website browsers

first released: August 16 1995

Developer: Microsoft

which device uses this browser: Laptops

first released: September 2nd 2008

Developer: google

which device uses this browser: Android, iPads, iphones

first released: September 23rd 2002

Developer: Mozilla

which device uses this browser: Apple, Android

first released: January 7th 2003

Developer: Apple

which device uses this browser: all pods and iPhone, iPad, mac


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