InfoArchive Control, Optimization, Flexibility


A unified enterprise archiving platform that stores related structured data and unstructured content in a single consolidated repository. This product enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information in a single, compliant, and easily accessible unified archive.

New Features

New Storage Platform

Utilize cloud scale object storage with the lowest cost of ownership while also being able to recuperate your investments in legacy object storage.
  • ECS 2.2 support (integration based on ECS SDK)
  • Centera 3.4 Support ( Centera SDK)
  • Administration UI to assign storage (Isilon, ECS, and Centera) for application
Choose where your local storage lives and connect to it.
With InfoArchive ECS 2.2 storage is capable using the ECS SDK.
InfoArchive introduces Centera 3.4 support.

Synchronous Ingestion

With Synchronous Ingestion, data and records are instantly ingested upon completion, providing knowledge workers with the ability to access static data and content immediately.
  • Archive small AIPs and search, manage retention as an Aggregate
  • Ability to create aggregate based on criteria
  • Ability to close the aggregate via automated job or manual action
  • Archive small AIPs, manage retention at individual package level
  • Ability to create pooled library

Data Export

Enhances compliance within the archive while improving analytics, eDiscovery and reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to define XProc pipeline for search template
  • Ability to use XProc to define common transformation like CSV, XML, HTML, JSON and PDF
  • Ability to control export action visibility
  • Ability export one or many records
  • Ability export content
Developers can now control what data can be exported, and in what format.
Select the format of the export package.
Developers can select which columns are included in the export.
After running searches, export in a selected format.


Search Composition Improvements

  • Infinite level of nested search can be invoked
  • Any data presented inside or inline panel can invoke nested search
  • Nested search can be invoked by binding to existing value in the column (dedicated nested column is not needed)
  • Set Ready and Draft state via navigation
  • ANT task support to set Ready or Draft state
  • ANT task support to ingest search templates
  • ANT task support for view, create, delete, and update XQuery modules
  • Open-ended date range control
  • Externalized setting in the application.yml file for a list of items on the page and search time promptData

Listing Page Improvements:

  • Search Result, Retention set, Hold set, Retention policy, Hold, Table, background search, Jobs, Encryption, Packages, and Purge list.
  • Column Resizing
  • Type ahead Find
  • Incremental side panel resizing
  • Visual indicator for in use, items under retention and hold

Compliance Improvements

  • Audit optimizations and traceability
  • Ability to remove retention from packages and table using Job

Install Improvements

  • Encrypted password support for installation
  • Update script
  • Sticky session support for multi-instance client deployment
  • Storage Dashboard enhancement for data, index and audit break down
  • Individual application storage breakdown for data, content and index
Storage Dashboard breaking down storage by application
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