Saturday 15th July Balmedie BEach


  • 5-a-side touch rugby
  • Men's and Mixed competitions
  • Maximum squad size: 10
  • £100 entry fee

Entry forms can be downloaded from:

All funds raised will be donated to the ARCHIE Foundation


Event Rules

1. Matches are 5 a side, with each game being 7 minutes one way

2. Each pitch is 27.5m x 18m

3. The maximum squad size for each team is 10

4. There must only be 5 players from each team on the pitch at any one time (the substitutes will be situated on the try line at either end of the pitch)

5. One of the referees must be informed before a substitution is made

6. A touch or a tackle consists of a 2 handed touch around the hips/torso area

7. The game is restarted by the attacking team tapping the ball off their knee, off their foot or off the ground before giving a pass

8. The team in possession are allowed up to 5 touches / tackles before the ball is turned over

9. In the occurrence of a turnover in possession or a knock on, the defending team must drop back 3 metres and the attacking team must restart play by tapping the ball off their knee, off their foot or off the ground before giving a pass

10. There is no kicking (other than tapping to restart)

11. A try is scored when a player touches the ball down securely on or past the try line marked at the attacking end of the pitch. Each try is worth one point

12. A try should still be given if the player is touched in the motion of scoring – subject to the discretion of the referee

13. If the defending team attempts an interception and the ball goes to ground, the attacking team regains possession and gain a new set of 3 touches or tackles

14. A deliberate knock-on when intercepting will result in a 5 metre penalty and the attacking team receiving a free pass

15. A yellow card will result in a 2 minutes sin bin and their team will play with just 4 players while that player is sidelined

16. A player receiving a red card will remain off the pitch for the rest of the game (hopefully there won’t be any!)

17. Each match will be refereed by neutral referees (each team to provide a minimum of 2 referees)

Event Charity Partner - The ARCHIE Foundation

Every year the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital cares for more than 100,000 sick children. The ARCHIE Foundation is the hospital’s official charity and make a difference for these children and their families. Providing amazing environments, cutting edge equipment, advanced staff training, extensive family support and, of course, lots of toys – the charity transforms the healthcare of every local child when they are in hospital.

Not all children’s healthcare is delivered in the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. There is a children’s ward in Dr Gray’s in Elgin as well as community based Child Health teams throughout the North of Scotland. ARCHIE supports them all making sure environments are perfect for children of all ages.

ARCHIE are also taking skills learned in Scotland to develop children’s surgical programmes in East Africa through the ARCHIE Global Surgery Programme.

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