Household Chemical Lab By: Lizzie young

Apple Juice- orange liquid, sweet smell, acid {pH 5}
Aqua Safe Plus (Fish Tank Cleaner)- yellowish, translucent liquid, base {pH 9}
Chocolate milk- thick, brown, opaque liquid, Base {pH 8}
School Glue- thick, white liquid, neutral {pH 7}
Sprite (Soda)- clear, carbonated liquid, acid {pH 4}
Hummingbird nectar- red, sweet scented liquid, acid {pH}
Pine Sol- thickish, purple liquid, base {pH 10}
Taco Bell Sauce- thick, dark brown liquid, acid {pH 5}
Barbecue Sauce- thick, dark colored paste, acid {pH 6}
Shaving Cream- light, white foam, base {pH 8}
Cayenne Pepper- red, strong smelling liquid, acid {pH 6}
Coffee w/Creamer- light brown, milky liquid, neutral {pH 7}
Vaseline body lotion- thick, white paste, neutral {pH 7}
Baby Formula- light, creamy liquid, base {pH 8}
Milk of Magnesia- white liquid, base {pH 9}
Created By
Elizabeth Young


Created with images by skeeze - "vials science liquids" • likeaduck - "Hummingbird" • JeepersMedia - "Pine-Sol Cleaner" • EvelynGiggles - "taco bell sauce" • JeepersMedia - "Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce" • Editor B - "Shaving Cream Smile" • Unsplash - "chili peppers red hot" • cogdogblog - "<3 Flat Whites" • Carnivore Locavore - "lotion" • nerissa's ring - "bottle V" • herval - "Leite de magnésia"

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