Fiddler on the Roof Guerin Catholic Fine Arts

Based on Sholem Aleichem stories by special permission of Arnold Perl

Sholem Aleichiem (born Solomon Naumovich Rabinovich) is the author of Tevye, the Dairyman, a collection of stories written in Yiddish. These stories, written in 1894, would later become Fiddler on the Roof. Sholem is often referred to as the "Jewish" Mark Twain.

Book by Joseph Stein

Joseph Stein is an American playwright who died in 2010. He is best know for Fiddler on the Roof and Zorba. He wrote Fiddler on the Roof in 1964. He also wrote the the screenplay for the movie Fiddler on the Roof, for which he won three awards including two Tony's.

Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Sheldon Harnick is an American Lyricist who helped create dozens of musicals. Some of his more well known shows are Cyrano de Bergerac, A Wonderful Life, and The Phantom Tollbooth.

Music by Jerry Bock

An American musical theater composer. He received the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama with Sheldon Harnick for their 1959 musical Fiorello! and the Tony Award for Best Composer and Lyricist for the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof with Sheldon Harnick.

Produced on the New York Stage by Harold Prince

An American theatrical producer and director associated with many of the best-known Broadway musical productions of the 20th century. He has garnered twenty-one Tony Awards, more than any other individual, including eight for directing, eight for producing the year's Best Musical, two as Best Producer of a Musical, and three special awards. Some of his shows are Sweeny Todd, Evita and A Little Night Music.

Original New York Stage Production Directed and Choreographed by Jerome Robbins

An American choreographer, director, dancer, and theater producer who worked in classical ballet, on Broadway, and in films and television. He created the original choreography for Fiddler on the Roof.


One of my favorite stories is a Jewish folktale about a tailor who makes a little overcoat. Once the overcoat wears out, he makes a vest. The piece of clothing keeps wearing out and he keeps taking what's left to make something else. In the end, all that's left is a button and he makes a story out of that! Working on this show I have thought about that story several times!!!

When we start working on a show we don't have much! There's a closet full of Goodwill clothes and boxes of fabric that have been donated. And slowly from this pile of stuff, that someone has discarded, the creativity and labor of many devoted people begin to weave together a beautiful fabric that becomes the show that you will see tonight! You will see a performance this evening that will camouflage all the work that took place to love this show into existence. This performance represents hundreds of hours of work done by dozens of people. It's amazing to watch everyone bring their gifts and talents to the table to make something form nothing!

I've done these shows a few times now. In fact they have helped age me! But what is so wonderful about working with students in this process and being older is that now I fully trust in Providence and know that no matter what bumps we encounter, in the end, everything will be ok. I believe that my confidence in this rubs off on the students and they can experience in a great way how much God takes care of us.

Fiddler on the Roof has been one of the harder shows I've done. It is not a frivolous or simplistic story. It shows the struggle of dealing with eminent change and the forces that challenge the relationship between our traditions and an evolving world. Tevye's life in the early part of the last century parallels our own times in many ways. So the characters in the show are not two-dimensional people that are easy to portray, but complex beings that represent both great joy and great suffering. This is not an easy task for high-school students because of their limited experience of life. But the members of this cast have risen to the occasion to tell this beautiful story that is filled with a range of human emotions. I am very proud of them!

Thank you so much for taking time to share this evening with us. I know that you could be in many other places that might have a higher entertainment value. But you chose to spend it with us and we thank you. Thank you to all the parents and students that have given so much of themselves to make this show a reality. You have touched me and I am a better person for your willingness to enter into my craziness!

Enjoy the show,

Marcia Murphy

Contemporary Correlations

Fiddler on the Roof is certainly a musical and story that surpasses the short life expectancy that stories and tales may have. Whether, through history, they’re passed down and lost, or they just do not seem to resonate with the audience in a particularly effective way, stories can grow old and lose freshness, a testimony to the need for a flow of creative output that evolves in contemporary relevance. Fiddler on the Roof, however, acts as a continuous vehicle, as most successful Broadway performances do, to bring “old” themes into modern relevance time and time again.

Fiddler on the Roof brings the themes of tradition, custom, and family close to audiences to feel and experience, which seems to be an ever-growing need amid a current society that seems to support higher individualization and less of an involvement of other people in personal endeavors. By viewing a work and performance like Fiddler, the deep chords of harmony and communal tradition that we are so inherently attached to are struck and resonate powerfully within us. It is no wonder that the most successful art, in our eyes, is the art that makes us feel the most connected to other people, while also inspiring us to go make a change.

Much can be done, not only for ourselves, but also for others. Something to consider while viewing this musical is that people, like Tevye and his family, are being discriminated against today. Not only are these people being discriminated against based on religion or ethnicity, but their homes are being taken from them and they are forced to flee—the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe is enough evidence of that. The growing importance of people helping one another and providing service and care is crucial, especially to us as Catholics. While tradition and custom should be kept and sustained, as Tevye and most people would argue, there is a risk of losing it, and the duty falls on us, much like the poor milkman, to continue that forward. I hope that after you view Guerin Catholic’s performance of Fiddler on the Roof you will be reminded of the great importance family tradition and custom has, and, in turn, I hope this will inspire you to preserve, care for, and cultivate traditions within your own family.

Enjoy the show,

Drew Cobb


Tevye is a poor milkman who lives in the village of Anatevka, located in the western region of Imperial Russia. The year is 1905 and Jews are highly discriminated against within Russia. The Pale Settlement, the name for the designated living space for Jews in Imperial Russia, acts as a haven for Jewish families, which includes Tevye, his wife, Golde, and their five daughters. Within the village of Anatevka, a tight-knit Jewish community exists—a community that Tevye tries to bring closer to his daughters by instilling cultural values and traditions in them. As anti-Semitism and changing social values emerge within the country and the village, Tevye finds this duty increasingly important as his three older daughters fall in love with suitors Tevye finds stray too much from the customs of his faith, while the Tsar of Russia simultaneously works to evict the Jews in the Pale Settlement from their villages.


Act 1

1. PROLOGUE - The exterior of Tevye's House (TRADITION)

2. SCENE 1 - Tevye's Kitchen (MATCHMAKE, MATCHMAKER)

3. SCENE 2 - Outside of Tevye's House (IF I WERE A RICH MAN)

4. SCENE 3 - Inside Tevye's House (SABBATH PRAYER)

5. SCENE 4 - The Inn (TO LIFE)

6. SCENE 5 - The Inn, later

7. SCENE 6 - Outside Tevye's House (TRADITION Reprisal, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES)

8. SCENE 7 - Tevy'e Bedroom (TEVYE'S DREAM)

9. SCENE 8 - The Village Street, Motel's Tailor Shop

10. SCENE 9 - Outside Tevye's House (SUNRISE, SUNSET)

11. SCENE 10 -Outside Tevye's House

Act 2

1. PROLOGUE -Outside Tevye's House

2. SCENE 1 - Outside Tevye's House (NOW I HAVE EVERYTHING, TRADITION reprise, DO YOU LOVE ME?)

3. SCENE 2 - The Village Street (THE RUMOR)

4. SCENE 3 - Outside Railroad Station (FAR FROM THE HOME I LOVE)

5. SCENE 4 - The Village Street

6. SCENE 5 - Motel's Tailor Shop


8. SCENE 7 - Tevye's Barn (ANATEVKA)

9. SCENE 8 - Outside Tevye's House


Tevye, played by Blake Miller

TEVYE: a hard-working father of five daughters who has a jovial, optimistic approach to life, which bleeds into his profession as a dairyman. His focus on family tradition and his supportive nature are impeccable.

Golde, played by Clare Arbuckle

GOLDE: Tevye’s strict but affectionate wife of twenty-five years who desires nothing more than the success of her daughters in finding worthy husbands who can support them, as she wishes that her daughters have better lives than she and Tevye had.

Tzeitel, Played by Chloe Kennedy

TZEITEL: the eldest daughter who has fallen in love with Motel the Tailor. While loyal to her family, she often questions the village’s traditions.

Hodel, played by Lily Smith

HODEL: the second-eldest daughter, Hodel is intelligent and opinionated, falling for Perchik whom she later marries.

Chava, played by Madeline Titus

CHAVA: the middle daughter of the family, Chava falls in love with Fyedka, a Russian soldier and Christian. Despite knowing her family will disown her for marrying a Christian, Chava runs away with him.

SHPRINTZE, played by Sophia Duray

SHPRINTZE: Tevye’s second-youngest daughter.

BIELKE, played by Blake Kimmel

BIELKE: the youngest daughter of the family.

MOTEL, played by Michael Bailey

MOTEL: while poor, Motel is a hard-working tailor who falls in love with Tzeitel. He is sensitive, kind, and nervous.

PERCHIK, played by A.J. Hacker

PERCHIK: in love with Hodel, Perchik is an outspoken student who visits Anatevka and repeatedly questions the village’s traditions and customs.

FYEDKA, played by Everett Mitchel

FYEDKA: a strong, young Christian soldier from Russia who falls in love with Chava. He is particularly upset with the Russian treatment of Jews, and in turn runs away with Chava.

YENTE, played by Mary Ganser

YENTE: the meddling matchmaker and usual subject of the town gossip.

LAZAR WOLF, played by Dominic Duray

LAZAR WOLF: a wealthy, old butcher who is looking to marry Tzeitel.

MORDCHA, played by Matt Heilman

MORDCHA: The inn keeper.

THE RABBI, played by Matthew Finley

THE RABBI: The religious leader of the community.

MENDEL, played by Anthony Vaiana


AVRAM, played by Jack Loub


NACHUM, THE BEGGAR Played by Alex Hubbard

GRANDMA TZEITEL, played by Jackie Myers

GRANDMA TZEITEL Played by Jackie Myers

FRUMA-SARAH, played by Mathilda Murphy

FRUMA-SARAH: Lazar Wolf's dead wife. Played by Mathilda Murphy

THE CONSTABLE, played by T.J. Slamkowski


SASHA, played by Matthew Godfrey

SASHA Played by Matthew Godfrey and Adam VanAtter

SHAINDEL, played by Sarah Downing

SHAINDEL, MOTEL"S MOTHER Played by Sarah Downing


Chloe Chelovitz

Lauren Cobb

Ellen Fettig

Michelle Powers

Amanda Schafer

THE FIDDLER, played by Logan Ramon

THE FIDDLER Played by Logan Ramon



Jack Haddad

Matthew Heilman

Alex Hubbard

Austin Fillip

Matthew Finley

Jack Loub

John March

Wesley Young



Anna Allgier

Evalee Bays

Maddie Buckner

Sarah Downing

Sophia Fernandez

Alex Lindsay

Jordan McCurdy

Julia McNamee

Mathilda Murphy

Jackie Myers

Olivia Nystrom

Cici Pottratz

Michelle Powers

Regina Rancourt

Gwen Ridout

Meredith Sell

Sarah VanAtter

Laura Zerla



Isaac Cloran

John Paul Farrell

Jack Geise

Nick Karn

Charlie Smith

Anthony Vaiana

Adam VanAtter

Michael Vondersaar



Shannon Buntin

Chole Chelovitz

Lauren Cobb

Carly Cuffel

Anna Cummings

Ellen Fettig

Jade Finley

Becca Foerder

Anna Freyberger

Ana Gallina

Emme Goetz

Becca Hunt

Claire Murray

Bonnie Nickander

Lucia Perez

Julia Quinn

Grace Scariano

Amanda Schafer

Riley Welsh

Nicole White


STUDENT DIRECTOR: Bridget Arbuckle




Mandolin/Guitar - Kyle Curtis

Piano - Clara Duray

Trumpet - Mark Duray

Percussion - Dan Dyer

Bass - Joey Garcia

Keyboard - Toni McDonald-Hinkley

Horn - Dan Pfunder

Violin - Logan Ramon

Cello - Sarah Schirripa

Trombone - John Sedwick

Flute - Ellie Svec

Clarinet - Nancy Yust


Chloe Chelovitz

Chloe Kennedy

Karen Kennedy

Marcia Murphy

Mathilda Murphy

Jackie Myers

Madeline Titus



Michelle Allgier

Bridget Arbuckle

Hannah Arbuckle

Michelle Arbuckle

Angie Bailey

Chloe Bays

Renee Cacchillo

Sean Cantwell

Kenya Cobb

Lauren Cobb

Sophia Fernandez

Liane Foerder

Amy Freyberger

Brian Freyberger

Katie Gauker

Liz Grizwold


Kerry Hacker

Chloe Kennedy

Carolyn Loub

Nick Loub

Sarah March

Julia McNamee

Scott McNamee

Blake Miller

Nancy Miller

Amy Mitchel

Kaylynn Nickander

Maria Powers

Michelle Powers

Monica Powers

Nicole Powers

Trish Powers

Mary Quinn

Elizabeth Smith

Mollie Smith

Grace Stewart

Deb Titus

Sarah VanAtter

Constance Young

Wesley Young

STAGE MANAGER: Bridget Arbuckle


Logan Gauker

Jack Gorsage

Nick Moss

John Niemann

Caleb Quick


Steve Bailey

Carley Cuffel

Mike Griswold

Todd Hacker

Everett Mitchel

Gwen Ridout

Wes Young

Wesley Young

Laura Zerla


Manager: Nate Marcus

Ava Buckley

Jordan Chang

Stephanie DeLancey

Anna Durthaler

Matthew Farrell

Rebekah Joyce

Karley Minch

Brinda Rao


Evelyn Cacchillo


Manager: Caitlin Collins

Chloe Bays

Evelyn Cacchillo

McKenna Corley

Mary Deck

Lizzie DiBlasio

Paige Dilick

Emily Driscoll

Grace Fernandez

Marian Grskovich

Sarah Harlowe

Emma Keller

Kate Mattingley

Grace Stewart

CONCESSIONS - Caroline VanAtter


Chloe Bays

Drew Cobb

Kyle Curtis

(Pit Orchestra) A senior at Guerin Catholic, Kyle Curtis is playing in the pit for his second theatre performance. A skilled handler of many instruments, stringed and unstringed, Kyle has continued to broaden his horizons by learning the mandolin. His quest leads him to the mountains of Montana, where he will study the art of forestry. A dancer, an alchemist, a chef, a soupy boy, and a nobleman. Some would would call him a mere man, some perhaps a man-dog hybrid, but to everyone, a sorcerer.

Sarah Downing

(Shaindel, Motel's Mother) This is Sarah's fifth appearance on the Guerin Catholic stage. Other plays she has been in are "13 the Musical," "The Wiz," "Detention Never Ends," and "Oliver." Her plan for the future is to attend Marian University where she will major in Biology. When not on stage, Sarah can be found in one of the three GCHS choirs, on the cheer mat, or practicing her flute, piccolo, and guitar skills in the music wing. Sarah would like to thank Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Duray for their flexibility with her schedule so she could do one final show here at Guerin Catholic.

Ellen Fettig

(Russian/Bottle Dancer) Her name is Ellen Fettig. She is a senior. She has been in musicals at Guerin Catholic. She is going to Purdue next year. She loves eating pizza rolls. Thank you Jesus and mom! Mazeltov!

Austin Fillip

This is Austin's second show at Guerin Catholic, his first being Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Being his second and last show, he is excited to have not one, but two speaking roles. Austin has enjoyed being a part of theater department even though he is fairly new to the stage. His favorite rehearsal memory is dragging his musical “family” onto the stage to be in scenes. Austin would like to thank God, his real family, and Alex, Becca and John Paul for being his fake musical family.

Logan Gauker

(House Manager) Logan Gauker has been working with Fine Arts for four years in the band and with theater since Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat last Spring. Helping with both stage and tech crew has given him a chance to be a part of the productions behind the scenes and to grow in a love for the arts. His favorite memory is from Hotel Calypso on the final night when he got to improvise with a broken case and the crowd went crazy with laughter.

Matthew Godfrey

( Sasha) Matthew is a first time theatre art participant for this spring musical. Although he does not have a strong musical background, he can play one song on the piano and is a strong ukulele player. He plays both basketball and golf for Guerin Catholic and is looking to play basketball at the Division 3 level in college. He would like to give a shoutout to his wonderful and supporting parents and grandparents, as well as his dog, Josie.

Rebekah Joyce

(Stage Crew)

Nate Marcus

(Stage Crew Manager)

Jordan McCurdy

(Chorus)Jordan is a senior and plans to attend Marquette University next year. This is her first and last musical at Guerin Catholic. She would like to thank her parents and friends :-)

Blake Miller

(Tevye) Blake has lost count of how many shows he's been at in his four years here, and is one of the captains of the Guerin Catholic ComedySportz team. When he's not on the stage, he likes to pretend that he is on one. Blake enjoys reading plays, listening to music, and lists of three. He would like to thank his former upperclassmen for their support as well as all the behind-the-scenes contributors to the GC Fine Arts - without you, none of this would be possible!

Karley Minch

(Stage Crew) This is Karley Minch's first year helping out with the stage crew for a Guerin Catholic musical. Karley plans on going to college next year to study medicine. So far, her favorite rehearsal memory was hanging out with the other stage crew members and taking down and putting together the sets. Karley would like to thank Sarah VanAtter for encouraging her to take part in the musical. She would also like to thank her parents for all of her support of her schooling and in her extra curricular activities.

Everett Mitchel

(Feyedka) Everett has been around Guerin Catholic theatre for the last eight years. His first show that he ever was a part of was his sister Anna's first show, Our Town. He was an usher and handed out programs to the audience. Throughout the last four years however, Everett has been involved in just about every single show. From acting on stage to working behind the scenes with the stage and tech crew, Everett has loved the nine productions that he has been in. His pride and joy however is his and Jackie Myers' original show, The Hotel Calypso, that premiered at the beginning of the school year. Everett's favorite rehearsal memory was acting out all the awkward scenes between Madeline and him. Everett would like to thank his sister Anna for establishing him in Guerin Catholic theatre, his parents for supporting him in everything that he does, Mr. Duray for convincing him to stay in his first musical, and Mrs. Murphy for putting up with him for the last four years.

Nick Moss

(Sound Manager) Nick Moss is a senior at Guerin Catholic and has been involved in the theater productions all four years at Guerin. He will be studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University in the fall. He would like to thank his parents for their constant love and support.

Mathilda Murphy

(Fruma-Sarah) Mathilda is a senior at Guerin Catholic. Mathilda has been in the Guerin Catholic spring musical every year of her high school career. Mathilda would like to shout out her mom because she is a really good mom who does really cool things. Mathilda would also like to thank Kanye West for inspiring her everyday. Most of all she'd like to thank God for creating people who are compelled to create! Mathilda is going to work as a curator of an art gallery when she is older. Mathilda would like to thank you for coming to the show.

Jackie Myers

(Grandma Tzietel) Jackie Myers has been involved in twelve shows at Guerin Catholic. This fall she co-directed the original show, The Hotel Calypso. Jackie has been very involved in the music department at Guerin Catholic by being in Golden Voice, Sounds of Providence, and GCGND. She is also one of the leaders of The B-You-Tiful Club and the Magnificat Club. Jackie would like to thank Mr. Garcia and Mr. Duray for being the best choir directors she could have asked for and Mrs. Murphy for everything.

John Neimann

(Tech Crew)

Caleb Quick

(Light Manager) Caleb has been helping on tech crew running the lights since sophomore year. He enjoys the job of shining bright lights in the actors’ faces. He also plans to play football in college, as well as study Computer Science. He thanks everyone who supports the performances and makes them possible, as well as everyone performing who make his job so enjoyable.

Madeline Titus

(Chava) This show is Madeline's ninth show at Guerin Catholic. She loves being able to bond with the cast and be under the supervision of her second mother, Marcia Murphy. What she's going to miss most of all after her time in Guerin's theater is the large dance numbers with the whole cast. But, she hopes to make it back to see more of Guerin's wonderful shows in the future!

Sarah VanAtter

(1st Woman) This is Sarah's seventh show at GCHS. Along with theater at Guerin Catholic, Sarah has been involved in community theater productions as well as orchestra, Golden Voice, Sounds of Providence, Cecelia, and is the leader of the Guerin Catholic Girls Next Door A'Capella group and the Magnificat club. Sarah's favorite rehearsal memory was blocking "The Dream." Sarah would like to thank her siblings and alumni for inspiring her to do theater, and for the constant support of her parents over the last four years.

Thank you to all the parents and students that have given so much of themselves to make this show a reality. You have touched me and I am a better person for your willingness to enter into my craziness!

So many have helped make this show a reality...

I'd like to thank the students who are a part of the cast and crew. It's not everyday that you get so many students that are so easy to work with. I appreciate all your hard word and trusting me to push you a little further. You made it and you look great! Thank you!

I'd like to thank the parents who drop everything to sew, paint, build, feed or do whatever I need to help serve the students. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many talented people who are so generous. Thank you!

I'd like to thank my co-workers and the administration for putting up with the media center morphing into a costume shop. Every spring the media center goes from calm to chaos and you never complain. Thank you!

I'd like to thank Beth Wagoner and Rikki Gibson hanging the beautiful artwork that compliments our show and helps us provide the best intermission in town! Thank you!

I'd like to thank Susan Finley who helped provide make-up for these lovely actors. Thanks for helping them shine on stage! Thank you!

I'd like to thank Bridget Arbuckle for being my better half! You are an amazing young woman. I love how you keep me organized and take care of things even before I tell you to. You make everything easier. Thank you!

I'd like to thank my family for all their support. They encourage and affirm me in this love that brings me such enjoyment even when it is a sacrifice to them. I'd like to especially thank my wonderful husband, David, who always greets me with food after a long day of practice. Thank you!

Jewish Proverb
Special friends

I could NOT have done this show without the help of some special friends that have devoted their lives to this task for the last couple of months.


You might not ever see Barb because she's always tucked away in a corner sewing like a mad woman. It's so much fun working with Barb. She takes my crazy ideas and turns them into a reality. She can do anything I can imagine! I love you!!!


Mark is the younger brother that I never wanted! He picks on me! He calls me names! And he's downright mean to me! But boy does he know music and he can make anyone sound like an angel. I always look forward to the first musical rehearsal because he takes a group of random students and makes them sound beautiful. I couldn't do, no I wouldn't do a musical without Mark! I love you!!!


Who knew that I'd be doing a musical with the Chemistry teacher? But I can't think of a better person to do a musical with! You bring order to my chaos, logic to my wacky ideas, and sanity to my frustration! Where could I ever find another friend like that. When I first started doing musicals for Guerin Catholic I'd reach a point in the process where I wanted to cry and give up, but with you by my side there's only laughter and the desire to persevere! I love you!

The St. Genesius Prayer

St. Genesius Holy Card

Dear Genesius, according to a very ancient story, when you were still a pagan, you once ridiculed Christ while acting on the stage. But, like Saul on the road to Damascus, you were floored by Christ's powerful grace. You rose bearing witness to Jesus and died a great martyr's death. Intercede for your fellow actors before God that they may faithfully and honestly perform their roles and so help others to understand their role in life and thus enabling them to attain their end in heaven. Amen.

Michael Bailey prayer for Fiddler on the Roof

Every year Michael Bailey writes a prayer for the last dress rehearsal that incorporates things from the show. I'd like to share the the prayer for this show.

God, please make everyone gain a respect TO LIFE in all ages. We ask you to grant all the MIRACLE OF MIRACLES of those that are struggling or sick. Please help every single person know that they can follow their THE DREAM and from SUNRISE TO SUNSET let us praise and glorify you. And let everyone know that once we come into your kingdom THEN WE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING. God, do we love you? Yes we love you. Please also grant us the patience to resist all temptation to spread THE RUMOR and even if we are FAR FROM THE HOME I LOVE please help us know that we are always at home with You. And lastly, for all those people that are being forced out of their homes even to this day and for persecution everywhere. So lets carry on the TRADITION of performing a great spring musical! Amen


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