Chia Seed Love Chocolate

What is taking place here are words. Text. My thoughts typed aloud. So I guess I should be talking about my love for chia seeds. I find them to be so useful. Don't consider them to really taste like anything...I started using them because of the chia pets. I sing the theme song almost every time I use them.

Up Close and Personal View

As I've grown to love the seeds, I have recently discovered their use as puddings! Joy. Whenever I am craving something sweet (such as chocolate pudding) I use chia seeds as my alternative. The way it thickens is delightful, and I also enjoy the fact the pudding can take on two textures: one as is, with the chia texture noticeable or smooth as a button by whipping it in a blender for a few minutes.

VERSATILE: Chia seeds can be used in desserts and savory dishes. It can also be used as a egg replacer.

TOPPINGS: Once you discover all of the flavor possibilities, you will be trying all sorts of toppings! Featured here is bananas, walnuts, caramelized flaxseed.

PHOTOSHOOT: These bite sized snacks look great on display. (Until they're gone!)

That is my journey and thoughts on the chia seed and all of its wonder. The recipe for the chocolate pudding created is written below. Or you can click on the YouTube link and watch the video. Thank you for joining me! XoXo, The Smitten Chef



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