4 Powerful Presentation Tips How to connecT with your audience

1. Find out what is important to your audience

Take the time to investigate what they want or need to take away from your presentation.

Do they need a skill?

Information or data?

Too much of the wrong data leads to mind clutter and a disconnect between you and your audience.

When you take the time to hone your presentation for your audience they can generally "feel" it. This helps you build a relationship with your audience. The trust factor goes way up.

They will appreciate it!

2. Use visuals

Make the visuals meaningful to your audience.

Make sure the image has a purpose.

There are many ways to do this.

Icons can be used to connect data and points during the presentation.

I tend to use icons throughout longer presentations or help people keep the points connected. This technique is especially useful when presenting online.

Here colors were used to link parts of a presentation to research questions throughout the presentation. These small things show a high level of detail and respect for the audience.

Make it easy for your audience.

3. Create an emotional connection

The audience builds a relationship with you as the speaker. Be purposeful on how you build this relationship.

The following are some ways to do this.

Use both analogue and digital techniques.

Poll Everywhere is a digital way to do this.

Asking better questions during your presentation and simply talking to people prior to your presentation are simple analogue ways to do this.

The audience also builds a relationship with your material or curriculum.

The best way to be purposeful here is to do your prework and know your audience.

Make your material meaningful to them by using examples they relate to rather than generic examples

Create space in the presentation for there thoughts and input.

4. Be Genuine

The audience wants you to succeed so feel free to be you. Most of all know that it is okay to make a mistake!

Check out my blog topic to help you get rid of that presentation mode.

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