Electric Uncle Sam By Primus


1999 | Rock

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"I am the plan, I am the man, who tells you what and when you can." -- "Don't get caught with your fingers in my pie. -- Mess with me and boy you're surely gonna' die."


  • Antipop hit #44 on the Billboard 200.
  • Tom Morello was a producer on this track. Other guest producers on the album include: Tom Waits, Matt Stone, Stewart Copeland & Fred Durst.
  • The band was recorded during a period of band tension followed by a three year hiatus.


Luke Tatum

"All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." - Benito Mussolini. In this case, the metaphorical state is Uncle Sam. But call it uncle, government, uncle, or oppressor, the story is the same: The state inches closer and closer to being all-powerful. And you can be sure it will guard every bit of its power, jealously.

Sherry Voluntary

This typically bass heavy Primus song, co-written with Rage Against The Machine’s, Tom Morello, aims right at the heart of the embodiment of “The Man,” the character Uncle Sam. I guess normies generally see him as a protective and patriarchal figure who with his scowling face directs you to do “what’s right,” which ,unsurprisingly, is always what the government wants you to do. “Don't get caught with your fingers in my pie / Mess with me and boy you're surely gonna' die.” This is certainly the case when it comes to the “pie” of The State. One of the best examples is taxes. The government considers your earnings it’s property, and if you dare to keep from them what you have earned then they will show up with their thugs and violently take what they want. They feel they are doing you a favor by letting you keep any of your earnings because they have decided that they can do more good with it than you can.

I also like the usage of electric with Uncle Sam. The entitlement to your money is not at all where it stops, they also feel entitled to know what you’re doing at any given time and place. After all, they just want to protect you, right?

The bottom line is there is no area of your life that the Feds don’t feel they have a right to intrude on. In their opinion we are their property and we should be thankful they let us have any freedom at all.

Nicky P

I think the best line in this song is "don't get caught with your fingers in my pie..." I think this sums up so much of what the governments real issue is. You can think and say pretty much whatever you'd like...so long as it doesn't damage the bottom line for the military industrial complex. Float whatever conspiracy you like, any damaging idea imaginable. Unless it is anti-war and gaining traction. That's the third rail. Calling into question whether we need to be an occupying force in every nation on earth can't be tolerated. We need to spend our resources globally to bomb and rebuild every other nation in an endless cycle.

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Nicky P

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