Paul Leite's constitution By paul leite

The constitution was written"by the people"from may 25 to September 17,1787.It was written so the people of the United States of America could have a set of basic laws and rights and establish a more structured government.Within the Constitution it contained these major principles of government.

Popular sovergity

The first principle of the constitution is the idea of Popular Severity which all the governments power comes from the people.The first example of this idea lies within the first three words of the Constitution"we the people"(preamble).This concludes that the people are the source of the governments power.

Limited goverment

The second idea within the Constitution is the idea of limited government.The first concept of this idea is that the government is in almost no case above the law(article 1,section 9,close 3).Within the Constitution it states"no bill of attainder or ex post fact shall be passed"(article 1,section 3,close 6).This concludes that every branch of government has Limited government.

SEPARATION of powers

Separation of powers is the idea that no branch of government has all the power.First is the Legislative branch which enacts laws(article 1).Then there is the executive branch which holds the president who carries out laws,negotiates foreign affairs and commands armed forces.(article 2) Judicial branch interprets the constitution and enforces laws.(article 3)


Federalism is the idea that every branch of government has limited power.The power of state and government is divided for more stability.(article 1,section 10).

Checks and balances

The idea of checks and balances gives powers to each branch of government to help separate and control the power among the branches.The first major power is the power that the house of representatives have to impeach or get rid of the president.(Article 1,Section 2,Close 1.5).Another major check and balance is the presidents ability to veto the legislative branches laws.

Representative govermant

Representative government is the idea that all the states are represented in government. First each state gets a set number of electoral votes depending on the numbers of representatives and senates(Article 2,section 2).Also government has a house of representatives who sole purpose is to represent the people in the Federal government.(article 1,section 4)

1.Who wrote the Constitution according to the first three words of the preamble?

2.What would most likely happen if Checks and Balances never existed?

3.How did the 6 principles help construct the United states?

4.How is the principle of Checks and Balances similar to the principle of limited power.

5.Are their any changes you think should be made to the 6 principles?

6.What would happen if the 6 principles were never established?

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