5 Reasons Why Marriage is Good for You By reid Carlock

1. Marriage will strengthen your financial relationship http://www.financialtipoftheday.com/uploads/2/1/3/2/21326872/4746772_orig.jpg

According to City Journal, married couples accrue more assets than unmarried or divorced couples. Also, married couples tend to have less economic troubles than other unmarried couples. Once your bank accounts are consolidated into one, financial burdens are less likely to occur. When married, you both are motivated to financially support one another. This motivation in turn changes bad spending habits into good ones. (https://www.city-journal.org/html/why-marriage-good-you-12002.html)

2. Marriage leads to a happier life

A study conducted by Michigan State University shows that people based their general happiness on three factors: health, employment status, and marriage. In the survey, a general trend started to form: married couples are just happier than most singles or divorced couples. When you spend so much with your best friend, it's hard not to be happy all the time.

3. Marriage gives you the perfect opportunity to build a family

Let's address the elephant in the room: sex. Many of the sources that I read addressed sex, but not in the way I tend to. When I say sex, I mean intentional sex, not just newlywed sex. We all (hopefully) know that when a couple gets married, they tend to have sex in order start their new family. Starting a new family brings stress and anxiety, but also joy and excitement. Although starting a family can tend to cause financial stress, the reward of having children far outweighs the temporary stress and chaos.

4. Married couples are generally more healthy

Generally speaking, people who are married have better mental and physical health than people who aren't married. According to an article by CBS Cleveland, married couples tend to experience less stress and depression than singles. Also, married couples have a lower risk of heart disease, flu, and Alzheimer's. CBS Cleveland also states that people who are married that undergo major surgeries, such as a heart bypass surgery, are 3 times more likely than singles to live more than 15 years after the surgery.

5. A lasting marriage is beneficial to that couple's children

Considering that the married couple has kids, it is crucial for the marriage to last and prosper. Divorce can be devastating for not only the parents, but also the children. Kids don't want to have to switch houses every other weekend or have to go to two different places on Christmas. If the parents are happy, the kids are happy. Also, bad habits are learned. If the children are exposed to an abusive or unstable relationship between their parents, they will tend to show those bad habits in their own relationships and marriages as well.


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