Q News: Top 10 A countdown of the top 10 most popular blogs in 2017

As we start the new year, we have been reflecting on the last 12 months and have pulled together the top 10 most popular blogs from the Q website in 2017. All these blogs have been written by members, demonstrating the diverse knowledge and experience of the Q community.

1. The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg- a chapter summary

Paul Arbuckle provided a chapter by chapter summary of Charles Duhigg's book 'The Power of Habit', which looked at the psychology of habit forming and habit change and how he is using this thinking in his work.

2. Serious Incidents: how we created a novel training course

In April, Jo Habben and Melanie Ottewill shared the novel Serious Incident training they developed as part of the Kent Surrey and Sussex Patient Safety Collaborative Serious Incident Community of Practice. It included a Human Factors approach and experiential Duty of Candour training.

3. Why I am looking for the little 'i' and the big 'I' as an indicator of genuine patient involvement

Q member Sibylle Erdmann shared her experience as a carer, about the challenge of patient involvement and why little 'i' involvement is not enough.

4. Developing Improvement Capability

In January Joy Furnival shared some of the learning from her PhD on improvement capability. Joy is a Health Foundation PhD Award holder, Generation Q Fellow and Q community member. She has worked as Chartered engineer and manager within industry and the NHS.

5. Co-production- why and how

Fiona Carey, Co-chair Coalition for Collaborative Care and founder of Q's co-production SIG, discussed why health care professionals should embrace co-production and offered advice about where to start.

6. Self assessing Qi capability- is the perfect the enemy of the good?

Rebecca Fisher shared her findings of the best tools for assessing your own Quality Improvement Capability.

7. What can improvers learn from Buurtzorg's self-managed model?

Health Foundation Improvement Fellow Bryan Jones shared his experiences of an AQuA event in April looking at the increasingly influenctial Dutch care model Buurtzorg and its gradual emergence in the UK.

8. My improvement journey: Carolyn Johnston

Anaesthetist Carolyn Johnston is leading trust-wide improvements at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She shared the inspirations and experiences of her improvement journey as well as a request for help around QI improvements to help her Trust’s current DOLS (deprivation of liberty safeguards) and MCA (Mental Capacity Act) training and awareness.

9. My improvement journey: Hilda Campbell

In March, Hilda Campbell, the Chief Executive of the Glasgow-based charity COPE Scotland, shared her improvement journey which began with the death of her grandmother when she was a child. COPE Scotland helps people and families manage the challenges of life which unaddressed can lead to mental illness.

10. My Improvement journey: Yitka Graham

Yitka Graham, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, University of Sunderland, shared her improvement journey with the community in May last year. As well sharing how she first got involved in improvement and what inspires her, she invited people to join the Q special interest group on Developing Research Capacity in Quality Improvement.

We are always looking for Q members to post news stories on the website- its a great way to share ideas, learnings and connect with other members.

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