LaTonya MeChelle When You Stop Running From The Mirror & Become The Mirror!

Within the current age of information, everyone claims to be “woke” and in-the-know. But…. knowledge alone is powerless apart from experience, so forget what you think you know until you’ve experienced it. La Tonya MeChelle is the epitome of this very concept. Although her Red Bottoms and a Radiant smile that compliments her spunky flare may lead to assumptions about her; you don’t know La Tonya MeChelle until you’ve experienced her.

Her presence alone will elevate your life, next event or take your project to a higher level; extraordinary experiences that will make you even more confident in yourself. The La Tonya MeChelle Experience, deliver unparalleled outcomes, and unmatched results.

Business Owner

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Beginning grade school in Japan, attending high school in Spain, LaTonya's life has always been full of adventure. She realized at a young age that she has a magnetizing effect on people of all nations. Her raw, unapologetic demeanor has a way of having people trust her spirit instantly. Stranger has no meaning in her world and she has figured out a way to show all love, that graces her presence. After 24 years of serving her country in the United States Air Force & being a sought out Recruiter & Program Manger in the Federal Government Contracting Arena, LaTonya decided she was tired of the 9 to 5 way of life. It was time for her to pursue her passion of people and step out on faith. She made a decision to leave the DMV after 26 years and head to Atlanta, GA, she hasn't looked back since.

The NLuv Group was created as an opportunity for her to give back to people on a personal level. Since it's creation, she has helped Veterans from all over obtain their Disability ratings from the VA, changing their lives over a short period of time. After training with Les Brown, he personally poured into her spirit to keep sharing her stories, she added Inspirational Speaker & Coaching to her services. Empowering people to Empower Self is her motto for The NLuv Group.

Despising the media and the negativity that it brings, she created her own platforms to show the world the 'OTHER SIDE'. Negativity may sell but Love & Positivity will always win in the long run. So against all odds, TYGEREYEZ 360 MEDIA GROUP was birthed. An outlet with various entities to re-tell stories the right way and change the negative reprogramming that most of us have endured. From the DEAR BLACK MEN NETWORK, recently changed to BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE, PROVE Magazine and her new black men only talk show, LET HIM TALK, LaTonya is known for her deep desire to always give black men the attention they deserve. This love has earned her respect from Black Men globally. CHOICES is a lifestyle and we must flood it into the atmosphere, so DANG THANG Magazine was born. LaTonya is not new to the Entertainment Arena, her resume includes interviewing such greats as Patti Labelle, Teddy Riley, Lou Gosset Jr, Malcom Jamal Warner, Master P, to name a few. She is the Interviewer that will find a way to tap into the spirits of her Interviewee to show the world another side of them. LaTonya Is A True CHANGE AGENT!

Editor In Chief

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Globally, it has been widely misunderstood that black men are largely poor, unlearned, and are innately at-risk. Throughout history these erroneous myths alone with unfavorable statistics have remained the culprit used to paint a nefarious narrative about the black and brown men. However, this travesty of an attempt by society to define men of color has terribly failed to capture the vibrant and colorful story of black masculinity; here lies the purpose and reason for existence of PROVE Magazine & Black Men Worldwide website. We re-tell his story, the right way.

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We are rarely taught to believe in ourselves, to take the time to understand who we are as an individual by accepting our weaknesses and strengths, to love our looks, to carry ourselves with grace and so forth. Throughout history we see so many broken souls, it has become an acceptable way of life. However, this travesty of an attempt by society to make us think that this is okay has failed to capture the vibrant and colorful story of people who truly understand and dwell in the true meaning of SELF LOVE.

IG: @iamthedangthang FB: Dang Thang Youtube: Tygereyez 360 Media Email dt@tygeryez.com

Media Personality

From a Sports Analyst on TV, her Let HIm Talk Live & When Ladies Talk Show, Red Carpet Interviewer, to one of the most transparent Interviewers out, Blogger, Writer and Editor In Chief of two magazines, LaTonya MeChelle is definitely doing what it takes to make her name a household name one day. Although LaTonya's schedule is extremely business, she is still asked frequently to conduct interviews, host and/0r attend events .

Her passion and drive has gotten her invited to provide media at the Essence Festival, The Legendary Awards, Mayor Andrew Young Birthday Celebration, BMI's Celebration Of Legends and much more. Her resume includes one on one interviews with Michael Jai White, Pastor Marvin Winans, Evander Holyfield, Louis Gossett Jr, Brad James, Keith David, Silk, Ronnie Devoe, Q Parker, Kirk Franklin, James Fortune, Pastor Jamal Bryant and more.

Coach - Speaker

I believe, live and train with the CHOICES concept. We CONSTANTLY HAVE OPPORTUNITIES to INCREASE CHANGE & EMPOWER SELF. We always have options and opportunities and it's up to us, to be intentional about life so that we are constantly aware and don't miss out on our blessings. We all were brainwashed at one time. Life was never meant to be hard and the day you realize this and begin to operate with that thought, is the day that you will understand the power of CHOICES. We must learn to invest in and make ourselves a priority. People treat us how we allow them to treat us, so it's up to us to show and hold them accountable for treating us right.

I’m all about YOU! No more pointing fingers. Yes, you are part of the problem and it's time to change that. I am a Coach who is far from traditional but as effective as they come. I am all about positive energy. My creative mind, love for people, past experiences allow me to be one of the most dedicated and precise Coaches, out here today. I will be your biggest supporter and accountability partner! However, taking responsibility starts with you. Forget what happened yesterday, today is what matters and you have what it takes. You are the secret and I'm ready to show you how to tap into all of your greatness. Everyone deserves love, happiness and peace and all of that starts with self. Once you tap into that, your personal, business and even love life will blossom.

I am an Inspirational Speaker, trained by the Legendary, Les Brown, who uses my transparency and life experiences to motivate my audience. I am an Inspirational Speaker, trained by the Legendary, Les Brown, who uses my transparency and life experiences to motivate my audience. My diverse life experiences which includes: living all over the world and dealing with all types of people, being a domestic violence victim for 12 years and then becoming an Abuser, dealing with many years of rejection and low self-esteem, being a victim of sexual harassment, raising a son solo, being date raped at the age of 48, a visionary of a movement that most have issues with but because of my passion for change and black men, I won't stop, and so much more, allows me to be one of the most unapologetically Speakers and Hosts out. Being relatable and real as possible with your audience is how people walk away wanting to do better and work towards their healing. I am all about inspiring others to know that we constantly have opportunities to increase change and empower self. We can do whatever we put our minds to.

If you trust me to assist in debriefing you from your unnecessary mess, I promise you that winning will be your only option and a major factor in your new lifestyle. I look forward to serving you.

To experience the LaTonya MeChelle Experience email us at lme@tygereyez.com

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