TKaM Final Project By: Ty GArrett



Jem experienced a man getting falsely accused to death at a young age. This experience will forever change him. The theme to take away from this situation is that no matter who the man is he should always be given the equal right to the right judgement. This will form Jem into a man that will always do everyone right, no matter what the situation.


Scout learned a very valuable lesson from Boo. The lesson was that she shouldn't judge people to quickly. How this came along is that all of Scouts classmates said that Boo was some kind of scary monster, but he turned out being a nice guy who gave Scout and Jem candy.


Atticus learned that not every person thinks or has the same values as the next one. I feel that this was inputted strongly when the judge wasn't on Atticus's side after he had some very clear evidence that Boo was an innocent man. He learned this from the trial and his own children as well because his daughter is more of a tom boy than a girl that would want to play with dolls.


Cal learned that she wasnt viewed the same way as she was in the FInch household. When she was talking to Atticus about where she felt she was ranked in the household she said that she knew Atticus was above her but she has more authority than the kids. Although the reality of the situation in real life is that she doesnt have authority over anyone unless she were to have children of her own the reason being that she is black.

Boo Radley

Boo learned a lesson when his brother closed up the hole that he was leaving stuff for Scout and Jem in. He learned that he was not welcome to give them those things. He was leaving stuff for Scout and Jem to enjoy but when he went there the next time he found that the hole was cemented up by his brother.


Friend A

Friend A learned a lesson not to trust everyone. He learned this the hard way when his dad got into his phone and his friend sent him some things that were inappropriate. The thing to take away from this is that you need to make your circle of good friends close.

Friend B

Friend B learned that all things have consequences. David betrayed one of his closest friends and got him grounded for the rest of freshmen year over a joke that went way to far. This ruined a bunch of things in my life as well as others.

Friend C

Friend C learned that you cant joke around all the time. Friend C is a really nice guy but he joked around to much and some other friends got tired of it. Friend C got shut out for a week at school to help him improve his skills. The thing I took away from this was that you need to be serious when its time to get serious.

Friend D

Friend D learned a lesson when he got to close to a girl that broke his heart. Friend D dated a girl for a week and he got way to close to her and she completely destroyed him he shut everyone out for a week. The lesson I learned from this was not to get get to close to a girl without knowing the consequences.

Friend E

Friend E learned that hanging out with the wrong person can get you into some bad things. Friend E was with the wrong person at the wrong time and did some things that he came to regret . This taught me that I need to hang out with the right people that will not put me into these situations.

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