The Secret Life Of Garbage I have tAken pictures over the garabe during the thanksgiving break

During my thanksgiving break, I have been collecting trash after each item have been used. Each picture shows of how much item does my family uses including me. It also shows what my family use on a daily basis. It doesn't show what my family uses but I also took a picture of what the school has wasted.

The green bin that has collect compostable trash after Thanksgiving
The blue bin that collect recycling materials for the past few days
The black bin that has collect trash for the past few days
Recycling Materials In Balboa High School
Recycling materials on December 5
Recycling materials on December 2 2016
Recycling materials after the food fair on Thursday

By collecting all the trash that my family have used on a everyday basis. It teaches me how much waste we use and that we can possibly reuse them and not throwing it away. It also shows how humans never think of the item we used everyday but we only think of them as nothing.

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Alex Luu


Alex Luu

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