PLOI is from Seoul in Korea and is also a nurse by profession. Between her care role and spinning tracks her care for her patients is matched with her love of music.

She prefers a soulful house with outstanding musical instrument melodies and a house genre with an attractive beat. But she does a variety of attempts, regardless of genre. Recently, she excites listeners with a Techno set with fast beats and acid sound.

Itaewon, Seoul, 2019

She participates in various parties and plays in Seoul, Korea, and presents music that blends into the atmosphere of the venue. In recent years, she has been showing her own special mixset through djing live broadcasts through YouTube, Facebook, MixCloud, and various programs of TLS.

Live streaming at home

She wants the audience to relax their worries at least for that time through her set play, and just feel happy drunk on music.

Seoul, 2018

If you want to listen to PLOI's music, check it out.

And you can check her news on PLOI's Instagram