Computer Applications Kylie Arvidson

Why IM interested in this class

I took this class because I wanted to know how to use all the programs that we have learned about. I didn't know what to expect from this class so I went in blindly. I was surprised how many useful tools I learned from this class.

most important thing i've learned

The most important thing I have learned so far in Computer Applications is how to use Microsoft Office Suite. I knew some of the basics before, but now I am well-rounded in each application.


Recipes PowerPoint- I made a presentation with multiple Korean recipes that I enjoy. In the presentation I had the ingredients, instructions, and my thoughts about the recipe. I liked being able to show others the type of food I normally eat.

Resume- It was a document with everything I would put in an actual resume. I was able to organize everything into one paper, which was helpful for applying to college. I liked doing this because I got a feel of how to do one when I get out of college and I'm applying for jobs.

Google Draw- I was able to take a picture of myself and then create a drawing of myself. Although it didn't come out great, it was really cool how you could make an image from a picture that you took or you found.


I would recommend this class to my peers. I learned about a lot of programs that I had limited knowledge on. I would take this class again because I think what you learn tools that are helpful for doing things outside of school.

Computer Apps

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